Chinese MTT S80 GPU Boosts Performance by up to 80% with OpenGL 3.3 Support

Chinese MTT S80 GPU Boosts Performance by up to 80% with OpenGL 3.3 Support

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La GPU china MTT S80 mejora su rendimiento en hasta un 80% con el soporte OpenGL 3.3

Moore Threads continues to enhance the performance of its gaming GPUs, MTT S80 and MTT S70, through driver updates. The latest driver update brought a huge surprise by adding support for the OpenGL 3.3 API. With this move for the Windows 10 operating system, these graphics cards experience a significant performance boost.

However, it is evident that Moore Threads is still years behind its competition. One clear reason is that OpenGL 3.3 is 13 years old, and it is unknown whether Windows 11 will also enjoy this advantage or if it is limited to Windows 10. Nevertheless, Moore Threads is paving the way through its first consumer gaming GPUs, as you will see in the following example.

Adding OpenGL 3.3 to the MTT S80 provides performance improvements of up to 80%

As context, the MTT S80 performs at a level similar to a GeForce GTX 1650. Or at least, it did before these drivers. According to the list of enhancements provided by Moore Threads, in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, their GPU now offers on average 80% more FPS. Titles such as Valorant or Grand Theft Auto V have seen their performance boosted by up to 60%. Assetto Corsa experiences a 50% improvement, while Far Cry: New Dawn will now have a 30% increase in FPS.

In terms of optimizations, over a dozen games have received updates to work with this GPU, including Valorant, Genshin Impact, Tropico 5, and The Sims 4. Additionally, crash issues have been resolved in games like DOTA 2 and Aliens vs. Predator.

In this way, we could think that Moore Threads is with its MTT S80 similar to Intel with its Arc A750, focusing on a single model and refining it at the software level. This strategy would not make it surprising if they spend a year releasing updates and polishing their graphics architecture before moving to a more powerful version already refined at the software level, precisely what Intel is doing.

A brief reminder of this GPU’s specifications

The MTT S80 is the top-of-the-line GPU from Chinese company Moore Threads. It features a proprietary MUSA architecture graphics chip with a configuration of 4,096 cores running at a 1.80 GHz frequency, providing an FP32 performance of 14.4 TFLOPs. However, without drivers and support for modern APIs, its performance is comparable to low-end GPUs.

Although it appears powerful on paper, it is also worth noting that this GPU boasts 16 GB of GDDR6 memory @ 14 Gbps with a 256-bit memory interface, resulting in a bandwidth of no less than 448 GB/s. For reference, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 competes in performance despite its power of 2.98 TFLOPs and bandwidth of 128.1 GB/s. This gives an idea that the MTT S80 is far from fully utilizing its power, so there is still much room for performance improvement.

Perhaps most interestingly, it is the first GPU featuring a PCIe 5.0 interface. It also has a DisplayPort 2.1 video output and is powered by a single 8-pin PCIe connector, specifications worthy of a top-of-the-line GPU from the competition.

The Chinese GPU MTT S80 improves its performance by up to 80% with OpenGL 3.3 support, providing solid evidence of its growing potential.

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