DeepCool reveals the manufacturing process behind their products, including CPU coolers, AIOs, cases, and more

DeepCool reveals the manufacturing process behind their products, including CPU coolers, AIOs, cases, and more

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DeepCool muestra cómo fabrican los productos en su FAB: disipadores de CPU, AIO, cajas y más

It is one of the big secrets of any company, and it’s rare to have access or even catch a glimpse of it. Therefore, DeepCool opening its doors is a matter of interest, as it reveals the technological development level of the company, the automation process, the manual, and above all, how they create such a diverse range of products. That’s why we will see how DeepCool manufactures its CPU coolers, AIOs, cases, inspections, and shipments.

DeepCool entered the market like many other new companies, pushing hard with competitive prices. It has gained followers to this day and manufactures a wide range of products, some of which are top-notch, such as the Assassin IV, which is receiving great reviews, surpassing giants like the Dark Rock 4 or the D15. So, what’s it like manufacturing a product at DeepCool? Let’s find out.

DeepCool opens its doors with the “DeepTour 2023”: this is how they manufacture their coolers

The first thing that stands out is that the company has a tour available for certain users and the press, but this is an opportunity to showcase the quality of their products, and something surprising and curious is that they mostly make their own parts.

That is, it’s not just a company dedicated to assembling larger parts; there are creation and welding processes involved. For example, everything related to Heat Pipes. DeepCool uses them to manufacture coolers, but these are only the structure, not completed, empty and hollow, and of course, not shaped yet.

Hence, the company carries out the necessary electronic and welding processes to ensure, for example, that the phase change of the liquid to gas occurs correctly. Later, they fill them with said liquid, weld them, and shape them on different assembly lines.

This way, they control the entire quality process of something as crucial as Heat Pipe. Later, when they already have the shape, they include different numbers depending on the cooler model and start adding fins, in a process with a press that cuts and makes the necessary holes for the specific model, ensuring that not only are fins added, but they are fixed to the heat pipes after being heated in a furnace.

A semi-automatic, semi-manual process

After that, smoothing the heat pipes’ surface is required to make it flat since the cold plate remains to be incorporated. It has a mechanized and robotized welding process where it is applied in an almost liquid form in a kind of low-density paste, the two parts of the cold plate are fixed, and a fixation mold with screws is included. After that, it goes through a furnace so the solder expands, and then it cools down.

Finally, there are visual inspections, removal of any particles on the cold plate that could scratch the surface, all manually done, a blast of air to ensure it is free of impurities, and after that, the testing process begins.

There are many more processes, for example, the formation and creation of fans, which DeepCool also makes on its own using only small pieces ordered. The soldering processes, for example, the PWM, are manual, and like that, many other things that are fascinating to witness. For example, the entire manufacturing and testing process of AIOs, or how they assemble a chassis in minutes. If you want to see the entire process, the video with all the details is available.

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