DeepCool Zero Dark: High-Performance Liquid Cooling with Sleek Design

DeepCool Zero Dark: High-Performance Liquid Cooling with Sleek Design

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DeepCool Zero Dark: líquidas de alto rendimiento con diseño elegante

At CES, DeepCool announced its new AIO Zero Dark water cooling systems, available in two models: the DeepCool LS520S and the LS720S Zero Dark. The LS520S model features a 240mm radiator, while the LS720S has a 360mm radiator.

These power supplies boast high-performance capabilities and perhaps most interestingly, a sleek and understated aesthetic. The radiator, fan, and water block all come in a black color that fits with any configuration. There is no LED RGB lighting in this cooling system, with the only illumination being the small white brand logo on the water pump.

Here’s what we know about the DeepCool LS520S and LS720S Zero Dark liquid coolers:

Both the DeepCool LS520S and LS720S Zero Dark use a 4th Generation high-efficiency water pump, meticulously designed to optimize cooling microchannels. This powerful pump features a three-phase drive motor capable of running at a maximum speed of 3,100 RPM. The water block, with a thicker-than-usual copper plate, is hidden under a stylish aluminum housing. This not only adds a more premium aesthetic but also enhances the overall rigidity of the water pump housing. All of this is linked to patented leak-proof technology and minimal cable management.

Delving into the patented technology, there is an internal valve within the radiator that regulates pressure and releases excess pressure when it exceeds atmospheric pressure. This extends the service life and reduces the possibility of leaks.

These liquid coolers come with 120mm PWM fans capable of rotating between 500 and 2,250 RPM, generating an airflow of 85.85 CFM, a static pressure of 3.27 mmH2O, and a noise level of up to 32.9 dBA. These are very high-performance fans, although they entail higher noise levels at maximum rotation speed.

Additional information, availability, and pricing:

The DeepCool LS520S and LS720S Zero Dark liquid coolers are compatible with Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115X, and AMD AM5 and AM4 processors. However, there is no mention of the cooling capacities for each of the available models.

The DeepCool LS520S Zero Dark is priced at a recommended retail price of €84.99, while the triple-fan variant, the DeepCool LS720S Zero Dark, is priced at €109.99. These prices are not expensive, but it remains to be seen how well they perform. Both cooling systems come with a 5-year warranty along with DeepCool’s global customer service and technical support network.

The DeepCool LS520S and LS720S ZERO DARK coolers showcase the company’s dedication to innovation, performance, and style in the realm of cooling solutions. With their elegant design and cutting-edge technology, they stand as the perfect choice for users seeking the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance.

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