Disassembling an iMac M3 reveals easily replaceable screen and internal battery

Disassembling an iMac M3 reveals easily replaceable screen and internal battery

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Desmontan un iMac M3 y se revela como la pantalla y batería interna son fácilmente sustituibles

Apple is one of the world’s most renowned companies for the quality of its various products and devices, such as laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and desktop computers. In the latter category, we find the Mac Pro family for professionals and iMac as the AIO (All In One) PC. The recently launched iMac M3 has been disassembled to reveal that some parts are easier to replace than in other models.

Apple devices cater to people who generally do not want to deal with complicated specifications, technical details, or other aspects of a computer or mobile device. Customers know that purchasing an Apple device will result in a high-performing device suitable for the majority of tasks. The smooth performance of an iPhone or MacBook Pro with their respective operating systems, even after several years, is something that may not always happen with Windows or Android devices. This often causes many users to prefer Apple over other brands in the market.

Disassembling and replacing parts in the iMac M3 is easier than in other models

Although Apple products perform well in general and are easy to use, repairing or replacing parts can be quite challenging or nearly impossible. iFixit is known for disassembling almost every Apple product on the market, and the recently released iMac M3 is no exception. In a new video, the iFixit team removes the components of this device, demonstrating how simple it is to detach the screen from other components, as there is adhesive only around the edges. After removing the power cables, the panel can be isolated, making it easier to replace if necessary.

The iMac M3 does have VESA support, but removing internal screws might be annoying for some users. The team then moves on to the logic board, where they need to carefully disconnect very small cables. After that, brackets are removed, the heat sink is separated, and we find the main components, such as the M3 SoC, RAM, and SSD, soldered in place.

The iMac allows for a simple battery replacement

Up to this point, it is evident that the iMac M3 is easier to disassemble than older models, a fact that users who need to replace parts will appreciate. The most significant change in this new iMac model is how Apple has made the battery much easier to replace. To remove the internal battery, we only need to remove two screws, which takes just a few seconds once the screen has been detached. Furthermore, there is only one battery instead of two. Lastly, iFixit states that the adhesive can be easily removed and replaced.

The iMac M3 was introduced about a month and a half ago and is considered twice as fast as previous models. It features a 24-inch screen with a 4.5K resolution, a base of 8GB of RAM (expandable to 24GB), and 256GB of storage that can be upgraded to 1TB. The iMac M3 has a starting price of €1,619, and a more potent version is available for those willing to pay a premium.

This article originally appeared on El Chapuzas Informático, where they discussed disassembling an iMac M3, revealing how the screen and internal battery are easily replaceable.

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