Smile for the Camera: AMD EPYC Turin CPU with up to 128 Zen 5 or 192 Zen 5c Cores Unveiled

Smile for the Camera: AMD EPYC Turin CPU with up to 128 Zen 5 or 192 Zen 5c Cores Unveiled

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Un AMD EPYC Turin sonríe a la cámara: CPU con hasta 128 núcleos Zen 5 o 192 núcleos Zen 5c

Today, we came across photographs of an AMD EPYC Turin processor, which is a 5th generation AMD EPYC server CPU. This boasts being the first generation of AMD processors with their new Zen 5 core architecture. Additionally, it will also have a variant with Zen 5c cores, designed to compete in terms of efficiency with their counterparts based on the Arm architecture.

These images not only showcase the enormous size of this CPU but also the chip-level configurations we can expect with these high-performance CPUs to bring to life the fastest servers and supercomputers on the planet.

The leaked AMD EPYC Turin CPU offers a configuration of 128 Zen 5 cores.

The CPU shown in the image is called “100-000001245.” It is a 128-core Zen 5 AMD EPYC Turin with 256 processing threads, all accompanied by 512 MB of L3 cache memory. To achieve this configuration, this EPYC 9004 series processor offers 16 CCDs. For context, CCDs are Core Chiplet Dies. Thus, this processor has 16 CCDs with 8 Zen 5 cores each. Additionally, we have an I/O Die where the processor’s connectivity is located.

Moreover, we know from the leaks that there will be at least four other CPUs, for now. Specifically, a 96-core, two 64-core, and a fourth 32-core Zen 5c. Based on the leaked models, the Zen 5c flagship processor will scale up to 192 cores and 384 processing threads. It should be noted that unlike Intel and its E-Core cores, Zen 5c does offer SMT (the equivalent of HyperThreading) to provide two threads per physical core.

The leaked models so far are:

100-000001245 – 16 CCD (128 Zen 5 cores / 256 Threads / 512 MB L3 cache memory)

100-000001341 – 12 CCD (96 Zen 5 cores / 192 Threads / 384 MB L3 cache memory)

100-000001247 – 8 CCD (64 Zen 5 cores / 128 Threads / 256 MB L3 cache memory)

100-000001342 – 8 CCD (64 Zen 5 cores / 128 Threads / 256 MB L3 cache memory)

100-000001249 – 2 CCD (32 Zen 5c cores / 64 Threads / 64 MB L3 cache memory)

Thanks to the new architecture, and a more advanced manufacturing process (3 nm from TSMC), the 5th generation AMD EPYC Turin can increase the number of cores by 33% compared to the current 5th generation AMD EPYC Genoa (128 cores). There is no improvement in cache memory. The 33% increase in L3 cache memory is proportionally linked to the number of added cores.

Of course, the most striking thing comes with the 196-core Zen 5c configuration.

Thanks to leaks from Yuuki_AnS, a diagram helps to make these 196 cores look much more imposing. Perhaps the most interesting thing is to see how this configuration offers 50% more cores but with less power and more efficiency. To give an idea, both the 192-core Zen 5c and the 128-core Zen 5 are configured to operate up to 600W of power.

It will be interesting to see the performance of these cores aimed at dealing with similar configurations in Arm. Smaller, less powerful, yet more efficient cores in much larger quantities to compensate for the lack of power. This is why both AMD and Intel have had to design x86 cores focused on competing with Arm.

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