Discover the First Lenovo Keyboard You Can Charge by Spinning a Wheel or Using Solar Power: Just 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes of Battery Life!

Discover the First Lenovo Keyboard You Can Charge by Spinning a Wheel or Using Solar Power: Just 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes of Battery Life!

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Lenovo diseña el primer teclado que puedes recargar girando una rueda, o con energía solar: en 5 minutos tendrás media hora de batería

In recent years, computer mice have seen a trend towards reduced weight through the use of materials such as carbon fiber and the creation of holes in the design. On the other hand, keyboards have been trending towards Hall Effect (HE) switches, which are highly advantageous in competitive shooters and games like OSU! However, the keyboard and mouse we are discussing here are part of the Mechanical Energy Harvesting combo, which allows devices to be charged through our movements and solar energy.

Over time, we can see how peripherals are gradually advancing and modernizing to meet new standards. It is impossible to predict the future and determine the next move in the industry, as it mainly depends on customers, with sales and popularity indicating the path forward. At present, we are witnessing an increase in lighter mice for gaming, whereas in the past, we were adding weight to the mouse for a heavier feel.

The Mechanical Energy Harvesting keyboard can be charged through solar energy or by spinning a wheel

One aspect that has not changed significantly over the years is batteries. We still use lithium batteries, and we are limited by their size and capacity. While we can continue to improve the energy efficiency of chips and devices, it would be nice to see some change in this area. Lenovo has focused on the battery aspect but not on its capacity; instead, they have explored alternative ways of recharging beyond using cables.

With their Mechanical Energy Harvesting keyboard and mouse combo, we can recharge device batteries using solar energy or our physical movement. In the case of the keyboard, there is a solar panel on the top area, allowing the battery to recharge when placed in sunlight. Lenovo also integrates mechanical movement charging into the design. With the keyboard, spinning a wheel for 5 minutes can provide 30 minutes of battery life.

The mouse can also be recharged – 1 minute of spinning the bottom part equals 30 minutes of battery life

It would have been more interesting if the keyboard could be recharged through regular use. However, at least in the PCMag video, only the use of the wheel is mentioned for this purpose. Similarly, the mouse can also be recharged through movement. Although one might think that sliding the mouse and clicking while playing or using it normally would be sufficient, it does not appear to be the case.

To recharge the mouse, there is a handle at the bottom, which can be spun similarly to the keyboard wheel. In this case, energy generation is more efficient (as is the mouse’s consumption), and just 1 minute of spinning the handle provides 30 minutes of battery life, resulting in a very effective recharge. As is customary at CES 2024, this Mechanical Energy Harvesting keyboard and mouse combo does not yet have a release date or price.

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