Discover the Stunning Transformation of Road to Vostok After Switching from Unity to Godot Engine

Discover the Stunning Transformation of Road to Vostok After Switching from Unity to Godot Engine

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Así luce Road to Vostok tras mudarse del motor gráfico Unity a Godot

The studio behind Road to Vostok, which shares the same name, showcased the progress made in their game after replacing the Unity graphic engine with Godot.

It’s worth recalling that Unity engaged in a conflict with game developers towards the end of 2023. The reason was their intention to charge studios a fee based on each installed copy of a game using their Unity graphic engine. Although Unity eventually apologized and reversed their new policies, some studios like Road to Vostok opted to transition to a new graphic engine, Godot.

Godot was promoted when Unity announced its new plans to increase revenue

The main advantage of the Godot Engine is that it’s an open-source and free graphic engine for video game development. This engine is also cross-platform, allowing developers to create games for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and even HTML5. As seen, consoles are left out due to their proprietary hardware, which Godot’s open-source license cannot add to the core. Developers emphasize that Godot’s scripting language, GDScript, is easy to learn, has similarities to Python, and supports other languages like C#.

Godot features a powerful integrated editor covering scene editing, programming, and asset creation. It offers 2D and 3D game development modes and supports advanced effects, lighting, and shading in 3D games. This is complemented by a node system, which makes organizing and manipulating game elements easier.

In summary, Godot is a powerful, modular, and versatile option for game development, particularly for those looking for an open-source and free solution with advanced features. This is why studios that abandoned Unity, like Road to Vostok, turned to Godot instead of more expensive alternatives such as Unreal Engine.

This is how Road to Vostok looks after being ported from Unity to Godot

Road to Vostok is one of the first games to use Godot that boasts a visual appearance comparable to Unrel Engine. What was shown recently is the result of 615 hours of work porting Road to Vostok from Unity to Godot. The video displays the game’s early stages up to its current state.

Frankly, considering the visuals, no one would think it was Godot but rather Unreal Engine 4. The same goes for Unity, a graphic engine mainly used for visually “simpler” games. However, there are notable exceptions such as The Forest or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Godot has thus become a realistic option for creating titles with advanced graphics.

That said, considering other previous development videos, it seems that Unity was slightly superior, but we’ll have to wait for the game’s final version, especially since it doesn’t have a release date yet.

Obviously, games like Road to Vostok can contribute to an increase in Godot-based games in the industry. If you want to try the game, a technical demo of Road to Vostok is available on Steam.

The primary objective of this small demo is to provide an opportunity to test the open-source game engine currently running Road to Vostok.

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