Download Escape Academy for Free at the Epic Games Store

Download Escape Academy for Free at the Epic Games Store

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Escape Academy gratis para su descarga en la Epic Games Store

January 1, 2024, ushers in a new year and a new free game on the Epic Games Store, with Escape Academy taking the spotlight. This indie game promises to stimulate your brain with challenging escape room puzzles. Players will need to solve riddles and even hack servers to escape the school. Interestingly, the game features a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Escape Academy is now available for download on the Epic Games Store. Below is a description of the game and the system requirements for your PC. If rumors are true, tomorrow’s giveaway will be 20 Minutes Till Dawn, an award-winning roguelike game.

Free Escape Academy on the Epic Games Store

Welcome to Escape Academy, a school where the most promising students prepare to become escape room aces.

Master over a dozen handmade rooms, designed by experts with real-life escape room experience.

Experience the entirety of Escape Academy solo or in a two-player co-op mode. Available for local split-screen or online play.

Explore the Escape Academy campus and meet the faculty members: a colorful group of characters, all experts in the art of escapism, and with secrets yet to be discovered…

Escape Academy curriculum:

Attend an explosive tea party: Can you defuse the bomb before your tea gets cold? Your grade (and your physical integrity) depends on it!

Hack the professor: Solve a series of feverishly challenging puzzles to prove to the Academy’s automated professor that you have what it takes to be an Escapist.

Go for the gold: Represent your class in everyone’s favorite sporting event, the Rivals Chamber. Face your nemesis in a puzzle race to prove who’s the boss in class.

Don’t drown!: Being at the bottom of a rapidly filling water tower is far from ideal. Climb to the top to get some precious oxygen.

Spray-paint the monument: In the Academy, art class is not an easy subject. Leave your mark on the historic Escapists Monument, but hurry up! The principal might not approve of this lesson.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 10

CPU: Dual-Core Processor

GPU: Integrated DirectX 10 API compatible


Storage: 5 GB available space

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