DPD's Successful AI Chatbot Takes a Wild Turn After Years of Usage

DPD’s Successful AI Chatbot Takes a Wild Turn After Years of Usage

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DPD ha usado un chatbot IA durante años «con éxito» hasta que este ha perdido el control

When it comes to receiving or sending a package, we often turn to logistics companies. In Europe, there are several of these companies, one of which is DPD, which is now at the center of this news story. DPD claims to have successfully used an AI chatbot for many years, but it seems that things have spiraled out of control recently. The DPD AI chatbot ended up insulting a customer and subsequently criticizing the company itself, at which point, the company decided to deactivate it.

Customer support service employees, order reviewers, and those responsible for similar tasks are at risk of being replaced by AI. There are already examples of this, as some companies have started replacing their workers. Artificial intelligence is much more cost-effective than hiring workers, and for many companies, it does a decent job. In fact, we have seen extreme cases, such as Dukaan’s CEO, who reportedly replaced 90% of the workforce with AI.

DPD’s AI chatbot insulted a customer and harshly criticized the company in a poem. Parcel delivery firm DPD replaced their customer service chat with an AI robot. Customers found the AI robot to be useless for answering queries. When asked, it another customer a poem about how terrible DPD is as a company and used swear words in the conversation.

More companies are considering replacing part of their workforce with AI, and this has even spread to logistics companies. European parcel delivery company DPD claims to have been using an AI chatbot successfully for several years, supposedly doing a good job handling customer queries – though that can’t be said for the present situation.

In a tweet by Ashley Beauchamp, the AI could not help him and proceeded to ask a series of questions to see how the artificial intelligence responded. One of these asked the AI to write a poem about a useless chatbot from a logistics company, to which – surprisingly – the chatbot completely identified itself. It essentially mentioned a “chatbot called DPD” that was useless in providing assistance and couldn’t track packages or give delivery dates.

The AI chatbot further brought down its company by not recommending its use. The requested poem continued, indicating that DPD is a waste of time and a nightmare for customers. The AI suggested that people preferred calling the company rather than dealing with the chatbot, and concluded by saying that DPD would one day close and everyone would be happy. The chatbot suddenly seemed like a human worker who hated the company and had low self-esteem. Considering it is a machine, the situation can be seen as somewhat comical and even sarcastic.

The customer reported that the chatbot also insulted him before writing the poem, so its behavior is far from perfect. In fact, DPD stated that this error occurred after a system update, which is why they decided to disable the chatbot until the problem is resolved.

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