Apple hints at opening NFC payment technology to third parties in Europe: Are new competitors for Apple Pay on the horizon?

Apple hints at opening NFC payment technology to third parties in Europe: Are new competitors for Apple Pay on the horizon?

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Apple ha sugerido liberar su tecnología de pago NFC a terceros en Europa, ¿próximos competidores de Apple Pay?

When choosing our next smartphone, we must decide whether we want Android or iOS. The choice between the two depends on our preferences and what we are looking for in a phone, but to simplify things, it ultimately comes down to whether you want an iPhone. Although they are more expensive, if you prefer the Apple ecosystem and its exclusive apps, the decision is clear. While Apple operates in a closed environment, it is now opening up the possibility for third-party developers in Europe to use its NFC technology.

Apple has managed to attract millions of fans with each new iPhone release, partly due to its exclusive technologies and features. Unlike other companies, Apple tries to forge its own path, introducing new features that appeal to its customers. Since the company operates everything in-house, including chips, software, and operating systems, everything is compatible to ensure smooth functioning.

Apple is offering its NFC technology to third-party developers in Europe

The Apple ecosystem encompasses both its hardware and software, and until now, there was nothing considered open-source and available for others to adopt and modify. This is exemplified by the fact that iPhones have an NFC chip to use Apple’s exclusive payment platform. However, this may soon change as Apple has announced that they are willing to offer its NFC payment technology to third-party developers in Europe, specifically in the European Economic Area (EEA).

With this option, developers will be able to offer their NFC payment alternatives (outside of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet) within iOS apps. In this way, Apple is opening its doors to potential rivals who may attract its loyal customers.

Developers can create alternatives to Apple, but the European Commission must first accept the proposal

This decision by Apple came about due to pressure from Europe and other countries. In fact, just a month ago, Apple, Visa, and Mastercard faced an antitrust lawsuit for working together to increase Apple Pay fees. While the lawsuit was filed in the US, we also mentioned the likelihood of Apple releasing its NFC payment technology in Europe to avoid further lawsuits. Now, it seems the apple company has taken a step forward and proposed the idea.

Now is the time for the European Commission to get to work, beginning to gather opinions from rival businesses and customers on this idea. All factors must be taken into account in order to make a decision. If Apple’s proposal is implemented, EEA developers will be able to integrate their own solutions with Apple’s NFC chip. This will make it possible to stop using Apple’s default apps and choose between other options. It remains to be seen whether the European Commission approves this proposal, which presents a great opportunity to avoid further issues with the EU and its laws.

Apple has recently suggested opening up its NFC payment technology to third parties in Europe, who will be the upcoming competitors of Apple Pay?

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