Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Reveals the Effectiveness of its Anti-Reflective Screen Coating

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Reveals the Effectiveness of its Anti-Reflective Screen Coating

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El Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra muestra lo eficaz que es su recubrimiento antirreflejos en la pantalla

We have dozens of companies dedicated to the Android smartphone sector, but Samsung stands out as the most popular among them. The South Korean company has garnered a large fan base with its Galaxy phones, ranging from low-end to mid-range and high-end devices. The high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra, which we have already discussed in terms of its many features, stands out due to its anti-reflective screen coating.

Over time, mobile phones have improved their specifications with faster processors and graphics. Cameras are another area where improvements are clearly visible, but one of the most significant changes has been in the screens. In the past, when mobile phones were small, it was common to have 3 or 4-inch screens at most, using LCD technology and low resolution. Now, we have mobiles with OLED screens, pure blacks, 120Hz refresh rates, and QHD or higher resolution.

The anti-reflective screen of the Galaxy S24 Ultra allows for pure blacks

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In fact, a high-end mobile screen is now closer to a gaming monitor in terms of performance, although with a significantly better size. AMOLED technology has been used in mobile devices for years, but the enjoyment of it is limited outdoors due to the glossy treatment of their screens. The glossy finish brings more vivid colors and higher brightness, making it perfect for indoor use or at home, but mobile phones are generally used outdoors.

Here, the sun can cause problems with reflections, making it necessary to increase the brightness significantly and depleting the battery more quickly. Just as consoles like the Steam Deck OLED offer an anti-reflective screen option, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra does the same. We can see a direct comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with its anti-reflective screen coating against the iPhone 15 Pro Max with Always On Display. As can be seen, Samsung manages to deliver pure blacks in this test, thanks to the screen treatment.

The vast majority of smartphones on the market have glossy screens that display reflections

In comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max clearly shows the reflection of lights and the person holding it, giving a grayish touch to what should be completely black. Most smartphones use glossy screens without any anti-reflective treatment, making it unusual to see a high-end mobile that breaks this trend. Some reviewers have already tried the Samsung phone, even though its official release is scheduled for January 31st. According to them, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the only one with an anti-reflective screen during their testing, standing out from the rest.

We would have liked to see an outdoor comparison with sunlight, which is where mobile phones are most commonly used. That’s where the real advantage of the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be evident. While the factory-installed anti-reflective screen may be rare, it’s worth noting that screen protectors can be applied to reduce or eliminate reflections in mobile phones, although with less effective results.

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