iPhone 6 rumors, what features iphone 6 will have

Features iPhone 6 Will Have, Rumors

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Yummy! iPhone 6 is expected to debut on September 9. The 2014 iPhone editions are reported to have a larger, redesigned 4.7 and 5.5” screen. The 4.7” model will be making its debut in September, while the 5.5” model will be available later.

Apple has finally given in and listened to what the people want – bigger screens! They’ll still be catering to folks who don’t want tablet size displays by offering the 4.7”, though the newest model is a significant leap from iPhone 5’s 4” display.

I think Apple got the memo that bigger or slightly bigger screen is better

The rumor mill is going crazy on what new features the iPhone 6 will have. But the focal point seems to be the display size. This display upgrade allows Apple to go head-to head with Android competitors, mainly Samsung.

So let’s dive in to what surfaced from the iPhone 6 rumors.

First off: the body & parts

China and other Asian have needed to beef up the security for those black market vendors who claim the cases they sell are for iPhone 6. Apple is working with Chinese officials to stifle leaks about the iPhone 6, which might contain schematics about the device. 200 additional security officers were needed to stop the merchants selling alleged iPhone 6 accessories.

The front of the iPhone 6 first appeared in Chinese blog Weibo, which displays the thinner bezel along with the iconic cutouts for front-facing camera, external light senor, ear speaker and home button. Other images clearly shows the panel’s glossy texture, tapered edges, and relocated front camera.

There are also more rumors about the iPhone 6 durability against scratches and bending. There are videos that show it can with stand pressure from effeminate fingers trying to break it.

But the video below tells another story that it can’t really hold up against scratches too well.

There are other rumors about Flex and battery parts being leaked but nothing is certain yet. The only thing that we can gather is that the screen can take a beating and kind of survive a scratch attack from the keys in your pocket.

Reports have come in that the LED backlighting is more advanced, which would allow iPhone 6 design to be thinner and lighter. Plus, the larger screen size would allow internal components to spread out, thus giving thinner specs.

Processor upgrades are in the works. Apple seems to be moving from Samsung’s 64-bit A7 28-nanometer chip to a 20-nanometer A8 chip from TSMC, which will be smaller and more energy efficient.

Other features for iPhone 6: Optical Image Stabliziation (OIS) may be incorporated to the camera’s hardware, this means no more blurry, shaky hands from Grandpa.

iPhone 6 will still have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

A boost in WIFI use. It’ll probably support 802.11ac standard, which offer speeds up to three times as fast as existing 802.11n Wifi.

iPhone 6 might contain dynamic haptic feedback – you know that vibration you feel when you thumb a letter whilst texting (most likely observed for Android users).

Battery may have a boost, longer usage time. Supposedly a boost from 1,560 mAh from the iPhone 5s battery to a 1,810 or 2,100 mAh.

All in all, if 3 of these rumors are true it’ll make a big splash for devoted Apple users. And even possibly lure Android and Windows users to Apple-dom, simply because of its larger display size, which I believe will be the significant game changer.

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