First Trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) Released Ahead of Schedule After Leak

First Trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) Released Ahead of Schedule After Leak

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Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) ya tiene su primer tráiler: se lanzó antes de tiempo tras filtrarse

Unexpectedly, Rockstar Games was forced to release the trailer for their highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) ahead of schedule. Today, a trailer began going viral, which everyone initially thought was fake but ultimately turned out to be genuine. As a result, it is now official – Grand Theft Auto VI is on its way.

Unfortunately, the trailer does not clarify which platforms the game will debut on, but it does reveal the release date: sometime in 2025. If there are no surprises, the game would enjoy an exclusive console release, as has been the norm for Rockstar. However, rumors suggest a possible exclusivity tied to PlayStation, which could mean that the PC and Xbox versions would arrive a year later. Without confirmation from Rockstar, we will have to continue waiting.

This is how the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI looks

“Our trailer has been leaked, so watch the real one on YouTube.”

With that message, Rockstar Games announced the official release of the first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, now available on YouTube. This announcement was made through its official X account, where the supposed leaked trailer began to go viral. In response, Rockstar skipped release dates and directly launched the trailer on YouTube for everyone to enjoy in high quality.

Obviously, the most striking aspect of the video is its high visual quality. While nobody promises that this is actual in-game footage, considering Rockstar’s reputation, we shouldn’t rule anything out. The fact that the game is set to arrive in 2025 also implies that it wouldn’t make sense to reveal how the game will look when it is still two years away.

If this is indeed the game’s quality, can we assume it will be released alongside the PlayStation 5 Pro?

Open-world games like Grand Theft Auto VI require greater power. If this world takes a significant leap forward in terms of performance, rumor-based information could be accurate. Of course, the game can still be enjoyed on a PlayStation 5, but the best gaming experience would be on a PlayStation 5 Pro.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider is how the game will look on the Xbox Series S. Its 10 GB of unified RAM will pose a challenge for Rockstar and may even put pressure on Microsoft, whose Xbox Series S has been highly attractive due to its low price. The trailer also confirms that we will have two Hispanic protagonists: a man and a woman.

In some sequences, the graphics appear close to photorealism, something we have only seen so far in graphic demos tied to engines like Unreal Engine 5. The lighting, reflections, textures, and various physics also stand out, suggesting that this may be the most significant Grand Theft Auto in Rockstar’s history.

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