US, UK, and Australia Employ AI to Track Chinese Submarines

US, UK, and Australia Employ AI to Track Chinese Submarines

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EE.UU., Reino Unido y Australia usarán una IA para rastrear submarinos de China

The applications of AI are expanding to new horizons, and we are witnessing increased interest in using it for various purposes and assessing its usefulness. Artificial intelligence is not just limited to powering chatbots, summarizing texts, or creating images. In fact, the US Navy, as well as the United Kingdom and Australia, are using a new AI system to track Chinese submarines.

China is considered a dangerous country by others due to its immense potential for creating products and technologies that could place it above other nations. The United States is one of the countries that fears China’s expansion the most and also imposes the most significant restrictions on it. However, concerns are not limited to the US, as Europe and even Australia fear that China may spy on them and steal valuable information.

The US, UK, and Australia will employ AI algorithms to track Chinese submarines

China might be controlled on land, but underwater threats also exist, as there are reportedly Chinese submarines operating independently in the Pacific Ocean. To track these Chinese submarines, the US, Australia, and the UK will collaborate and test a new AI-based system. The United States will lead the research using surveillance planes and marines to patrol the ocean during missions in the Pacific.

The aim is to use artificial intelligence algorithms to process sonar data collected by US, UK, and Australian submarines. This technology will enable them to gather large amounts of data and locate submarines more quickly and accurately. These three countries fear China’s rapid military modernization and the fact that it has been seen up close on more than one occasion. While piloting a Boeing Co. naval aircraft in the South China Sea, they have encountered harassment from Chinese fighter jets.

The collaboration between countries will also work on developing nuclear-powered submarines for Australia

The P-8A Poseidon aircraft and AI will be used to process data from each nation’s sonobuoys (submarine detection devices). In turn, this aircraft is armed with torpedoes and cruise missiles in case attacks on submarines and ships become necessary. For now, tasks are limited to surveillance, but if any disputes arise, the United States is more than prepared. This partnership between the three countries, named Aukus, aims to counteract China. In addition to AI submarine tracking, they are developing nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, with the new Australian submarine expected to be completed by 2040.

The second joint interest focuses on cooperation in eight technological areas, including cybersecurity and hypersonic weapons. Lastly, they aim to integrate the ability to launch and recover unmanned underwater vehicles from the torpedo tubes of their current submarines. While these countries collaborate against China, the Asian giant plans to increase its submarine fleet to 65 units by 2025, anticipating a total of 80 submarines by 2035.

The news about the US, UK, and Australia using AI to track Chinese submarines was first reported on El Chapuzas Informático.

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