GELID Silent 12 Black: Ultra-Quiet Fans for Chassis or CPU Cooling

GELID Silent 12 Black: Ultra-Quiet Fans for Chassis or CPU Cooling

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GELID Silent 12 Black: ventiladores para chasis o CPU enfocados a la baja sonoridad

GELID Solutions has announced the launch of its Silent 12 Black fans. These fans are available in a version with a pre-set rotation speed or a PWM design aimed for use on radiators. The fixed rotation speed fan is more suited for use in chassis to improve system cooling. The PWM variant is designed for use on a CPU cooler or a radiator for a water cooling system.

As the name suggests, these fans are designed to be quiet. Interestingly, the noise generated cannot be classified as such compared to other fans in this range. The reason is that they do not sacrifice excessive airflow or static pressure that they are capable of achieving.

Developed with precision engineering, these fans set a new standard for quiet and efficient cooling. They guarantee not only silent operation but also unparalleled durability, creating an optimal gaming environment with improved airflow for extended gaming sessions.

Specifications of the GELID Silent 12 Black fans

On one hand, we have the GELID Silent 12 Black, which operates at a fixed speed of 1,200 RPM, generating an airflow of 54.9 CFM with a static pressure of 0.80 mmH2O and a noise level of 32.1 dBA. On the other hand, we have the Silent 12 PWM Black. This one is capable of operating between a range of 600 and 1,800 RPM, reaching an airflow of up to 88.6 CFM and a static pressure of 2.49 mmH2O. This performance increase also results in a noise level increase up to 38.3 dBA. Therefore, it is not truly silent.

These fans feature a standard 9-blade design. They are powered by a hydrodynamic bearing motor. Rubber pads are included in each corner to prevent any additional noise linked to vibration. All this is backed by a 3-year warranty. As for the lifespan, they promise to reach 50,000 hours of use before presenting any issues.

“We are delighted to introduce our latest Silent 12 and Silent 12 PWM Black fans. The reinforced mounting bearing sets a new standard of durability and silence in computer cooling. A significant step forward in silent technology. We are excited to offer these innovations to our customers,” said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

As for the price, the GELID Silent 12 Black is available at a recommended price of 7.50 euros. Its PWM version slightly increases the price to 8.50 euros.

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