Google Plans to Lay Off 30,000 Employees Due to Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Google Plans to Lay Off 30,000 Employees Due to Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

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Google planea despedir a 30.000 empleados por culpa de los avances en IA

Artificial intelligence may not appeal to everyone, but despite some rejecting it, AI is here to stay. Companies and society cannot deny its usefulness, especially when it comes to automating tasks and increasing productivity. AI models can be trained to assist in research and tasks that previously took years and millions of dollars. As advancements in artificial intelligence continue to grow, Google is reportedly considering laying off 30,000 employees in exchange for integrating AI for greater efficiency.

The use of AI in applications, software, or as standalone tools is now common, as practically everyone is familiar with ChatGPT. This AI chatbot, powered by GPT-4, revolutionized the perception of artificial intelligence and how it can be utilized for everyday tasks. Before ChatGPT, generative AI from Midjourney created art in seconds, but there was no artificial intelligence that could achieve what OpenAI did.

Google plans to lay off 30,000 workers to replace them with AI

Google, competing against OpenAI, launched Bard to rival ChatGPT. Although the initial outcome was modest, it entered the market and became an alternative. As expected from one of the world’s leading tech companies, improvements and a widespread implementation of AI soon followed. The Google Pixel 8 Pro began using advanced AI for photos, and Video Boost with AI was recently introduced.

On the other hand, the Google Assistant we have been using for years will soon be replaced by a more advanced AI assistant called Google Pixie. Google is going all-in on AI, and it’s now being reported that the company is planning to lay off 30,000 employees. AI advancements allow certain tasks to be performed more quickly, increasing the company’s efficiency.

Google already laid off 12,000 employees in early 2023

Sean Downey, head of advertising sales in the US, said that Google will reorganize workers in that sector. While reorganization or staffing changes often mean layoffs, the company has not made any official statement yet. What we do know is that this restructuring is due to their desire to take advantage of the efficiency AI provides.

The replacement of workers with AI is increasingly common, making it likely to happen at Google. If artificial intelligence can achieve a similar result in much less time and money, it’s clear that layoffs will occur. In early 2023, several major tech companies experienced significant layoffs. Google was among them, letting go of 12,000 workers. Now, with AI, it is feared that 30,000 employees in the advertising sector could lose their jobs.

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