iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max to Feature Larger Screens and Increased Weight

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max to Feature Larger Screens and Increased Weight

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Los iPhone 16 Pro y Pro Max tendrán una pantalla más grande y serán más pesados

The arrival of the iPhone marked a total shift in the mobile phone industry in 2007. With the first iPhone, one could say that the era of smartwatches and the birth of Android phones began, as these were and still are the main competition. Since that moment until now, we have seen 15 different iPhones, with a new generation being launched every year. By 2024, we will have the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, which will feature larger screens and slightly heavier weights.

Several decades ago, mobile phones were limited to small devices with screens that were nothing like the ones we have today. You may recall the durable Nokia phones or the “clamshell” designed phones that opened and closed. For many years, mobile phones saw minimal design or performance changes. The chips used were all relatively low power, and there were no major upgrades. We eventually had higher resolution screens and slightly bigger sizes, but the SoC was not capable of doing much, and both the interface and internet at that time were not very remarkable.

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will increase their screen size by an additional 0.2 inches.

With the 2007 iPhone, Apple changed the game and introduced a phone that was not only fast but also provided a smoother browsing experience. This could be considered one of the first smartphones on the market, as everything else at the time was inferior to Apple. Even popular brands like Sony (Ericsson) and Samsung could not compete. It wasn’t until 2008 that we began to see Android phones, but these still had a long way to go. Over the years, everything has changed, and we can say that Android is now comparable to the iPhone in certain aspects.

Apple has followed its own path and, for example, struggled to adapt to the evolving market. While Android saw continuous increases in screen size, battery capacity, and RAM, Apple took years to make similar changes. Now, it seems that the company is willing to make changes more frequently, as all iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models will feature larger screens and slightly heavier weights. Starting with the iPhone 16 Pro, it will weigh 194 grams instead of the 187 grams of the iPhone 15 Pro. In exchange, we’ll get a 6.3-inch screen compared to the current model’s 6.1 inches. The size differences will be only +3 mm in height and +1 mm in width, while the thickness remains the same.

Apple will use graphene to prevent overheating issues in the iPhone 16

In comparison, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have similar results, as its screen size will again increase by 0.2″, reaching 6.9 inches. Due to this larger screen, the dimensions will change similarly to before. So, we will have an increase of 3.1 mm in height and 0.9 mm in width, a difference that will barely be noticeable. As for weight, we will also see a slight difference, going from the 221 grams of the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the 225 grams of the new model.

Apple is expected to slightly change the design of these phones and could add thinner edges than the current models. Regarding the new screens, the company could make improvements such as increasing maximum brightness or reducing power consumption. These will be manufactured by Samsung, although exact specifications or resolutions are unknown. What we do know is that the new iPhones will use graphene to avoid overheating issues and feature improved periscopic cameras.

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