GTA 6: Exclusive First Release on PS5 Pro, Coming to PC After 1 Year – City, Maps, and Launch Date Leaks Revealed

GTA 6: Exclusive First Release on PS5 Pro, Coming to PC After 1 Year – City, Maps, and Launch Date Leaks Revealed

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GTA 6: primero en PS5 Pro, 1 año después llegará a PC, filtración de la ciudad, mapas y fecha de lanzamiento

One of the most anticipated games of all time, Grand Theft Auto 6, will unveil its first trailer on Tuesday, December 5th. As we all eagerly await what Rockstar has to offer, intriguing leaks have emerged. The leaks announce that GTA 6 will launch alongside the PS5 Pro next year and arrive on PC 12 months later.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been Rockstar’s most popular game by far, ranking second in the best-selling games of all time. Although Minecraft outsells it by over 100 million and is unreachable, GTA 5’s success, with 190 million units sold, cannot be denied. While Red Dead Redemption 2 was released years after GTA 5, it didn’t achieve the same sales figures, though it still boasts an impressive 57 million units.

GTA 6 will launch with the PS5 Pro in a bundle, reaching 4K resolution and 60 FPS


PLAYSTATION will have the marketing rights for GTA 6 on PlayStation 5, with the game not being released simultaneously on PC and consoles. The PC release will follow one year later. PLAYSTATION is already considering a bundle with the PlayStation 5 PRO.

More than a decade after the release of GTA 5, we can finally expect the trailer for GTA 6 on December 5th, which has been confirmed by Rockstar. While the game’s release date remains unknown, it may be revealed along with the trailer. Previous leaks suggested a 2025 release, but this has now changed.

Before that, former Bend Studio employee Alex Smith announced that PlayStation will have the marketing rights for GTA 6. The game will be released alongside the much-awaited PS5 Pro one year before it comes to PC. Other sources have given more details, stating that GTA 6 and the new console will launch as a bundle next year, reaching 4K and 60 FPS in-game.

The game will feature a map twice the size of Los Santos and will launch in Fall 2024

New GTA 6 footage has allegedly been leaked, showing the vast cityscape and skyscrapers of Vice City. According to leaks, the game will be released next year alongside the PS5 Pro before coming to PC. As a reminder, GTA 5 was released on PC nearly a year and a half after its launch on PS3 and Xbox 360.

In addition to this information, more interesting leaks have emerged about the game’s setting and features. Just a few hours before the first official trailer, a few seconds of gameplay featuring Vice City have been leaked. Despite the low quality of the recording, it matches the gameplay leaked last year.

The videos uploaded to TikTok have apparently been removed due to copyright claims, indicating that the leak might be authentic. The leak reportedly comes from the son of Aaron Garbut, the art director of Rockstar Games. Further leaks reveal that the game’s map will be twice as large as Los Santos in GTA 5 and will feature three large cities and four smaller ones with a massive lake in the middle. Players will be able to enter 70% of the buildings, surpassing any previous Grand Theft Auto game. Most importantly, the release date is set for Fall 2024. We will see if any of this information is confirmed with the trailer release, as all these leaks could be irrelevant if Rockstar announces something official.

The GTA 6 entry will first arrive on PS5 Pro, with the PC version being released a year later, along with leaked information on the city, maps, and release date.

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