Sprint shows off Gigabit LTE at basketball game

Have you heard? Gigabit LTE is coming

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Sprint shows off Gigabit LTE at basketball game

This week Sprint showed off how fast the new network can take a phone equipped to handle Gigabit LTE. Exactly 700mps was what read off the high-end secretive Moto phone that is soon to be launched probably this summer.

Sprint demonstrated it quick lightning network at a basketball game in New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center. Though the audience was unaware of the network boost and probably didn’t notice any faster speeds, this is because the phone needs to be equipped to handle capacity.

Phones like the Moto Phone, which we believe is will be the next¬†Moto Z, has a gigabit modem and eight antennas tuned to Sprint’s 2.5GHz.

This is good news for hungry network consumers but a roll-out in this magnitude will take awhile, mostly likely till the end of this year. Sprint has to upgrade its base stations with 3x carrier aggregation and a coding scheme called 256 QAM. 3xCA is in 100 cities already.

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