HTC Nexus 9 comin out next month in October?

HTC Nexus 9 comes out October 16, Rumors say yes.

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Is Nexus 9 coming out next month?


Rumors – yes, the rumor-mill is turning again – say that Google is about to introduce the newest member to the Nexus family next month. A tipster reported his findings to the tech site MoDaCo’s co-founder Paul O’Brien that HTC will be unveiling the Nexus 9 tablet on October 16.

The debut of the Nexus 9, might also mark the timeframe for the latest Android update, Android L; Google is noted for releasing their newest Android OS in-conjunction with their Nexus devices.

Rumors have been swelling about this Nexus tablet having a larger screen (8.5 inch) and it being a high-end tablet coming from HTC, which was the first company to produce Google’s first Nexus smartphone. And there has been images of the keyboard to go with HTC’s Nexus 9 tablet.

They (does people hiding in the shadows) also tell us that the HTC NExus 9 could include an 8MP rear camera and 2Gigs of RAM. There may another tablet to make its debut when the Nexus 9 does, but let’s how sales go when competing against the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S Tab 10.5 and Tab 8.4 that’s already in pre-order.

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