Samsung S Tab 10.5, Galaxy S 8

Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.5 & Galaxy S Tab 8.4 in PreOrder at AT&T

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Seems like it’s the season for preordering smart devices. Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is now available on AT&T for preorder, actual sales of the tablet(s) will begin September 26.

The Korean electronics giant is hoping that these two devices will gain on Apple’s iPad sales. Though from a July report from research IDC showed that the iPad is still ahead of the tablet game. Both, Samsung and Apple, experienced a drop in market share. Apple tablets the iPad Air and iPad Mini go on sale sometime in October – so the tablet race begins once again!

AT&T gives consumers options on how they would like to purchase their next Galaxy Tab S. For the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, it’ll cost $31.50 per month for 20 months. Or you can choose, 2-year AT&T contract, you’ll pay $529. Choose a non-commitment plan, it’ll cost $629. The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 will cost $26.50 per month for 20 months. $429 with 2 year agreement, or $529 without contract.

Features of the latest tablets:

Processor Exynos 5 Octa
Super AMOLED Screen
Tab 10.5 2,560×1,600 pixel res. 359 pixels per inch
Tab S 8.4 2,460×1,600 pixel res. 359 pix per inch
Tab 10.5 1.03lbs
Tab S 8.4 .45lbs
Multiple User with different profiles for user.
Finger scanner for users
Multi Window use, letting you run multiple apps at the same time
Cool Dual Front & Back Camera video and photo recording.

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