In a few years, you'll replace your cutting-edge smartphone with this: Rabbit R1, the retro-looking AI device that will do almost everything for you.

In a few years, you’ll replace your cutting-edge smartphone with this: Rabbit R1, the retro-looking AI device that will do almost everything for you.

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En unos años sustituirás tu móvil de última generación por esto: Rabbit R1, el dispositivo con IA y aspecto retro que hará casi todo por ti

When AI began to gain popularity, there was a segment of the population that believed it had negative impacts on society and would be better off not progressing. As we started to see workers being replaced by AI, we all feared a dystopian future where we would ultimately lose. As we have seen, artificial intelligence has continued to advance, and there is no stopping it as it continually generates interest and leads to the development of new devices and technologies that employ it. One such device is the Rabbit R1, a touchscreen device that uses AI to control applications for us.

Artificial intelligence holds enormous potential, and we have only just begun to discover what it is capable of accomplishing. Over a year ago, ChatGPT entered our lives, and with it, the world’s focus on AI intensified as never before. Major technology companies, such as Google, began developing alternatives to OpenAI’s chatbot, including AI Bard. Microsoft, on the other hand, invested billions in OpenAI and collaborated with it. As a result, Microsoft added AI to the Office suite and later to Windows 12.

The Rabbit R1 functions as an AI assistant with the goal of replacing smartphones in the future.

The trend for all companies revolves around AI, and this includes smartphones. We recently saw how Samsung will add AI-powered features to improve various aspects of its Galaxy S24. We have also seen AI assistants in the form of wearables, such as the Humane AI Pin. The industry continues to innovate in this area, and we now have a new device called Rabbit R1 that uses AI differently.

Rabbit R1 was created by Rabbit as its first product, with the long-term goal of replacing smartphones. The device uses AI to perform tasks automatically, specifically opening and controlling apps for us.

Featuring a 2.88-inch screen, 4 GB of RAM, and a battery that lasts all day.

The Rabbit R1 has a design similar to the retro Playdate gaming console but with a larger screen, which measures 2.88 inches. It also has a rotating camera for photos and videos and a wheel and button for navigation and communication. Inside is a 2.3 GHz MediaTek processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. Although the battery capacity is unspecified, the company notes that it “lasts all day.”

The operating system is called Rabbit OS and is characterized by using AI based on a “Large Action Model” (LAM) instead of a large language model (LLM). It functions similarly to Siri or Google Assistant, allowing users to request opening apps, sending messages, or making purchases. However, Rabbit’s AI has been trained on apps like Spotify and Uber, as though it were another user. It has learned to enter settings tabs, change options, configure various apps, and generally control everything within them, as long as we grant permission.

Rabbit R1 also has a specific training mode focused on additional apps and automating more complex task sets. For example, we can ask it to open Photoshop and teach it to edit a photo with a sequence of steps. After 30 seconds, Rabbit understands and applies the procedure, like a script but using AI. This allows significant time savings for certain tasks but raises doubts about whether placing so much trust in AI is the right decision. The Rabbit R1 can now be pre-ordered for $199 and will begin shipping in March.

In a few years, you’ll replace your cutting-edge mobile device with this: Rabbit R1, the retro-styled AI device that will do almost everything for you

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