Discover PeLED: The European Perovskite Technology that Shines 1,000 Times Brighter than OLED

Discover PeLED: The European Perovskite Technology that Shines 1,000 Times Brighter than OLED

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Así es PeLED, una tecnología de Europa basada en perovskita que es 1.000 veces más brillante que OLED

Imec is a research and innovation center located in Belgium, which has been involved in numerous innovations. It leads the development of transistors globally, ahead of Intel, Samsung, TSMC, and IBM while also researching many other disciplines. Today, they have announced a pioneering breakthrough known as PeLED, a technology that could elevate Europe to the same level as South Korea’s position in the OLED industry.

The department of nanoelectronics and digital technologies at Imec has published their discovery in Nature Photonics with an article titled “Electrically assisted spontaneous amplified emission in perovskite light-emitting diodes.” This complex concept has significant implications, as explained by the researchers.

PeLED stands for perovskite-based LED, which could represent the future of technology for monitors, TVs, and phones. At the moment, OLED technology is dominating the market and will continue to do so as the next generation of panels push current ones to lower, competitive prices.

But what exactly is PeLED? It is a stack of LEDs based on perovskite, a relatively rare mineral that is gaining popularity due to its use in solar panels for capturing solar energy. Imec aims to utilize PeLED for image projection, environmental detection, and medical diagnostics through an injection laser.

The perovskite has such specific crystalline structure that it is being studied for potential optical applications. Imec claims it has excellent optoelectrical properties for their low cost, making them ideal as light emitters, like LEDs.

The ULTRA-LUX project is key to understanding the potential of PeLED technology. Professor Paul Heremans explains that Imec has demonstrated a PeLED architecture with low optical losses and current densities that support stimulated light emission. This architecture offers a significant performance boost over conventional OLED technology.

Essentially, this breakthrough lays the groundwork for the development of PeLED panels in phones, monitors, and TVs. PeLED-based perovskite diodes could be 1,000 times brighter than OLED, according to Heremans.

In practical terms, this technology could enable users to view their smartphones clearly even in direct sunlight, with low power consumption. If Europe can manufacture PeLEDs on a large scale, at a high success rate, and reduce the price of perovskite, this revolutionary technology could significantly impact various industries, mainly due to its outstanding brightness and low power consumption characteristics.

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