Sony and Honda Showcase AFEELA: The Future of Electric Cars with a Bumper Display for Games and Movies

Sony and Honda Showcase AFEELA: The Future of Electric Cars with a Bumper Display for Games and Movies

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Sony y Honda muestran AFEELA, el futuro de los coches eléctricos tendrá una cartelera de juegos y películas en el parachoques

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among drivers, and one of the reasons is the advanced technologies they incorporate. These vehicles offer driver assistance systems, helping with tasks such as parking and avoiding obstacles. Sony and Honda have partnered to showcase the AFEELA prototype, a next-generation electric car with many new features and extensive customization capabilities.

When purchasing a new vehicle, we must choose between a traditional car or an electric or hybrid vehicle that combines both. For many drivers, electric cars remain an expensive option that does not offer significant advantages. Some may test them and miss the roar of a gasoline engine, as electric cars are much quieter. Others complain about their high prices, but this is expected to change soon as China pushes for more affordable electric vehicles.

Sony and Honda have unveiled the AFEELA prototype, the electric car of the near future. One issue with electric cars is the presence (or absence) of charging stations, which varies depending on the country and region. These stations are essential, as they are where we recharge the batteries. Despite these drawbacks, electric cars are gaining popularity, and with advances in technology, automotive companies are developing new ideas. Sony and Honda have joined forces to create the AFEELA EV, an electric car that offers intriguing features and provides a glimpse into the future of these vehicles.

As seen in the video, this vehicle provides driving assistance in multiple ways, including detecting and avoiding obstacles. It also detects crosswalks and objects to prevent accidents. One of its significant features is automated parking, which first checks for other vehicles and people before proceeding to park. However, the vehicle’s high level of customization is arguably its most attention-grabbing aspect.

With the AFEELA, we can watch movies, play games, and drive with AI assistance. We can change the color and design of the AFEELA logo on the front of the car, as there appears to be a screen installed there. The vehicle’s interior features a large ultra-wide and 21:9 ratio screen in front of the steering wheel. Here, Sony and Honda showcase games such as Fortnite being displayed on the screen, although they seem more like advertisements than actual playable titles.

Each front seat has a monitor for rear passengers’ entertainment. Further examples show these screens used for displaying movies like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and games like Little Big Planet. The interface resembles Windows 8 (Metro) in some ways, as seen in the video. It seems possible to stream movies and series, and even play games like Little Big Planet. The entire vehicle, along with the seats, will have an immersive spatial audio system. This Sony and Honda collaboration still has some time before hitting the market, with a planned US release in 2026.

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