Intel and AMD Set to Launch New Gaming CPUs for PCs Simultaneously: Featuring Z890 and X770 Motherboards

Intel and AMD Set to Launch New Gaming CPUs for PCs Simultaneously: Featuring Z890 and X770 Motherboards

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Intel y AMD lanzarán sus nuevas CPU gaming para PC casi al mismo tiempo con placas base Z890 y X770

The competition between AMD and Intel is at its peak. Undoubtedly, Intel has relied heavily on the frequency of its CPUs, while AMD has focused on a balanced architecture and vertical cache that is proving to be extremely effective. Currently, in terms of performance, everything is very close and factors like power consumption, temperature, and memory frequency, not to mention the price, are crucial. This gives us an idea of the existing parity, but it will continue to grow. It is said that from the motherboard sector, Intel and AMD will almost simultaneously launch their new Z890 and X770 chipsets in Q3 of 2024.

There is a leaked time gap, which is not very precise but provides a reliable estimate. Be careful, because they are not close, and that is an issue considering that the most powerful chipsets usually arrive on the market first.

Intel and AMD will launch their Z890 and X770 chipsets in Q3 of 2024

The information logically points to next year through some very interesting statements to analyze:

Launch schedule for new INTEL and AMD motherboard chipsets in 2024

In 2023, only the 700 series chipsets entered the market, and AMD launched the B650 series chipsets, which were also updates from the previous generation. It can be said that there was no significant update or iteration in motherboard technology this year.

However, the anticipation for the next generation of motherboard chipsets can continue, as information from leading motherboard manufacturers suggests that the launch of the new INTEL and AMD motherboard chipsets is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

In addition, older chipsets from previous generations will still be available for sale.

The information comes from Board Channels, so we have great confidence in the comments coming from the motherboard channel from China.

The Z890 and X770 chipsets will arrive in mid-summer or at the end of the season

In the case of AMD, there will be brief news, as they will continue with the current AM5 socket and possibly use a single chipset, not two as has been the case with the extreme version due to the expected reduction in nanometers.

In the case of Intel, the LGA1700 will be phased out after serving as a safe transport for three generations of processors, and the LGA1851 will be introduced, this time without DDR4 support. Therefore, manufacturers will maintain compatibility with their heatsinks and AIOs, at most, using specific pressure distribution kits.

This socket will give life to the Core Ultra 200 with Arrow Lake-S architecture and, if rumors are not wrong, will have 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes for GPUs and 4 with the same speed for NVMe SSDs. In the case of AMD, everything is much more stable, and there will be few real changes beyond simplification and an increase in internal USB ports, the inclusion of Wi-Fi 7 as a standard, and support for Hawk Point and Granite Ridge in the Ryzen 8000G and Ryzen 8000 models.

These last two will compete with the Core Ultra 200. Therefore, if the summer of 2024 is expected to be hot, the gaming sector will also be intense, with AMD and NVIDIA presenting their new GPUs at some point in the fourth quarter.

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