Intel Dives into Electric Cars with SoC SDV Processors: Up to 12 Cores, 45W, Xe Graphics, and 8K Support

Intel Dives into Electric Cars with SoC SDV Processors: Up to 12 Cores, 45W, Xe Graphics, and 8K Support

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Intel se lanza a por los coches eléctricos con sus procesadores SoC SDV: hasta 12 núcleos, 45W, gráfica Xe y soporte para 8K

In recent months, Intel has been continuously launching new products, including the release and sale of dozens of processors. Not long ago, Intel introduced its Core i4 for PCs, an upgraded version of the Core i3. In December, the company debuted its Meteor Lake CPUs for laptops, featuring significantly more powerful graphics. Just yesterday, the Core i4 65W lineup and the missing U and HX laptop series were announced. Intel continues to expand its product offerings, announcing the SDV SoC family for electric vehicles, marking the company’s entry into the automotive sector.

Intel is one of the world’s most well-known technology companies, with its processors found in the majority of PCs and laptops. When compared to AMD, Intel has a larger share of the CPU market. Although AMD has surpassed Intel in server sales, it still has a smaller market share. Intel and AMD can be considered direct competitors, as there are no other companies competing in the x86 market. While Apple is a rival, it employs the ARM architecture in its chips.

Intel announces its SDV SoCs, which will be part of electric vehicles in the future

With the advent of electric vehicles, a new generation of vehicles with embedded hardware and software, as well as AI functions, has emerged. This began with Tesla cars and has since expanded as various manufacturers have released their own electric vehicles. In the case of Tesla, Elon Musk’s vehicles were equipped with an AMD SoC capable of playing AAA video games. At the time, this was surprising, as no one expected vehicles to have such features. The automotive industry is currently investing in the latest technology for vehicle integration and to offer additional functions.

The driving assistance, AI usage, and software in these vehicles require a capable chip to execute these functions. As a result, Intel has decided to enter the automotive industry, announcing its SDV SoC family for electric vehicles at CES 2024. This follows the acquisition of Silicon Mobility SAS, a company that manages the energy of electric vehicles using AI-powered software.

Featuring Intel Xe graphics capable of powering up to four 8K screens

Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are those that constantly update with new applications, features, and additional systems. This group includes electric vehicles, and the goal is for these vehicles to receive constant updates to improve their functionality and, of course, to implement AI and monitoring. After launching Meteor Lake and demonstrating interest in artificial intelligence, Intel is presenting its SDV SoCs.

This first generation of SDV chips includes a scalable SoC with up to 12 cores and a power range of 12W to 45W. It will feature integrated Intel Xe graphics capable of supporting up to four 8K resolution screens. Finally, the chips meet AEC-Q100 certification, which means they have passed stress tests and are guaranteed to be safe.

Originally posted on El Chapuzas Informático, the article discusses Intel’s entrance into the electric vehicle market with its SDV SoC processors, featuring up to 12 cores, 45W power, Xe graphics, and 8K support.

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