Intel Laptops in 2024 Will Be Much Faster for Gaming: Arrow Lake H to Feature Arc Battlemage GPU

Intel Laptops in 2024 Will Be Much Faster for Gaming: Arrow Lake H to Feature Arc Battlemage GPU

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Los portátiles Intel para 2024 serán mucho más rápidos en gaming: Arrow Lake H tendrá tGPU Arc Battlemage

Meteor Lake H hasn’t landed yet with its processors, and there is already a new confirmation about the next architecture. The speed at which Intel will launch products in the market is so remarkable that they will take place at an unprecedented pace due to past delays. Today, a new leak has emerged, which is more of a confirmation than a rumor, as it has been spotted in NBD, stating that the CPU Arrow Lake-H will have a next-generation tGPU Arc Battlemage.

Before diving into the leak, it’s essential to clarify that Arc Battlemage will be Intel’s GPU in 2024, competing with the current RTX 40 and AMD’s RX 7000. What we will see is the version intended for Intel processors, which will undoubtedly result in another performance leap.

Intel Arrow Lake-H will surprise and put pressure on AMD with its Battlemage tGPU

Meteor Lake will set the precedent in laptops to make way for Arrow Lake on PC. After that, Arrow Lake-H will be introduced to replace it. Today’s leak reveals more information and confirms what we saw back in July 2022, a year and a half ago.

Back then, the rumor was about Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake, where the first one would have a Redwood Cove core architecture for P-Core and Crestmont for E-Core, made in Intel 4 tCPU. Furthermore, there would be an Alchemist Xe-LPG tGPU, also known as the GT1.

All of this has been confirmed by Intel itself and will be in stores in 17 days. The GT1 tGPU already matches a GTX 1060 and rivals a 780M, so the next step will be an even more significant leap.

Arc Battlemage confirmed for gaming laptops

The leak showcases an Arrow Lake-H CPU with a 6C + 8A + GT2 configuration. This means there will be two performance leaps to consider. The first will be in tCPU, with a transition from Redwood Cove to Lion Cove and Crestmont to Skymont. Intel introduces Intel 20A node in tCPU, featuring first-generation RibbonFET transistors (GAA or Nanosheet) and PowerVia.

Not much information is available on the graphics upgrade. The tGPU will be manufactured by TSMC in N4, with a maximum EU configuration of 320 featuring 2,560 Shaders. In other words, it should perform similarly to a desktop Arc A580, as long as frequencies scale up to 2 GHz.

Comparatively, it would offer the performance of an RTX 2060 or an RX 6600 if the frequencies are equal or higher and the Battlemage architecture leaks are accurate.

Intel’s gaming laptops in 2024 will be much faster: Arrow Lake H will have an Arc Battlemage tGPU.

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