Revelada la batería del iPhone 16 Pro con protección térmica avanzada

iPhone 16 Pro battery with advanced thermal protection revealed

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Ya se ha filtrado la batería del iPhone 16 Pro con escudo térmico

Leaks of the iPhone 16 are already emerging, allowing us to see the battery of the Pro variant with its thermal shield. It is important to note that recent rumors indicated improvements in the cooling system of the iPhone 16 Pro. That is to say, Apple aims to avoid repeating the same overheating problems that the iPhone 15 Pro experienced during high-performance conditions. One of these improvements is related to the battery, and interestingly, just two months after the launch of the iPhone 15, we already have the first image of an iPhone 16 component.

This is quite striking, as while there are always rumors, this is the first time that rumors have come so quickly and with real photos. It is clear that the iPhone 15 has been a disappointment. Although the latest iPhones visually look almost identical year after year, the iPhone 15 has undoubtedly been the company’s most questionable launch. Thus, it is not surprising that people are already discussing the iPhone 16.

Here’s the iPhone 16 Pro’s cooled battery

Indeed, we can now see a prototype of the battery that will be incorporated into the future iPhone 16 Pro. This L-shaped battery, leaked in numerous images by Kosutami, offers virtually the same autonomy. This implies a 13.02 Wh capacity, which is translated into 3,355mAh. The only difference is that this battery uses a new connector and a thermal shield.

These images are consistent with the leaks from last week. Those leaks indicated that, as a cooling system improvement, the battery would include its own heat sink. This heat sink is nothing more than a metal casing that will help transfer heat generated more quickly to the outside of the device. This clearly demonstrates that Apple is aware of the temperature problems of the iPhone 15 Pro, and the main improvement of the iPhone 16 Pro will be in terms of temperature management.

Graphene will also appear alongside the battery’s thermal shield

An early stage iPhone 16 Pro battery prototype features a glossy metal shell, 3,355mAh capacity (13.02Wh), and an LCV of 4.48V (Limited Charge Voltage). Current stage prototypes have changed some design elements, from a glossy surface to a frosted metal shell and a redesigned connector.

This leak confirms Apple’s plans for the iPhone 16 Pro. In addition to the thermal shield, the company will use graphene in its next devices to improve cooling. Despite using TSMC’s 3nm technology, Apple has been stingy and, without providing any improvements to the cooling system, we now see temperature problems in heavy applications or demanding games like Resident Evil Village.

However, graphene is not the solution to all problems. We have seen other mobile devices and SSDs with graphene heat sinks, and as good as it may sound, a thin layer will not change things drastically. Therefore, it is logical to expect that Apple will have to put in more effort. This means offering a new cooling system, along with a layer of graphene that helps to transfer heat generated by the device’s components more quickly to the outside. We are likely to learn about any definitive changes the company makes to its future mobile devices in just a few months.

The leak of the iPhone 16 Pro battery featuring a thermal shield was originally reported by El Chapuzas Informático.

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