If You're a Movistar Customer, Brace Yourself for a Price Hike in 2024

If You’re a Movistar Customer, Brace Yourself for a Price Hike in 2024

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Si eres de Movistar, comenzarás el 2024 con una nueva subida de precio

2024 will usher in a new year, as well as a new price hike for all Movistar users. It is now customary for operators like Movistar to raise their rates each year, and 2024 will be no exception. Thus, January will see an increase in the monthly cost of your Movistar bill. However, justifications will be made by offering 5G+ and investments made in fiber optics.

“At Movistar, we work every day to offer you the best service so that you can enjoy superior connectivity with greater quality and coverage – investing in the most robust Fiber and 5G+ network in Spain – and providing you with excellent and safe service,” says the opening paragraph of the email announcing a price increase.

“From January 15, 2024, there will be a change in the price of your rate. If you are taking advantage of a promotion, you will continue to enjoy it under the same conditions until it ends.”

Movistar will increase the price of its services between 1 and 4 euros per month in 2024

Specifically, starting from January 15, 2024, you will have to pay more to enjoy that “superior connectivity with greater quality and coverage.” Fusion rates will experience a price increase averaging 4 euros per month. Movistar Max will become 2 euros more expensive per month, Movistar Plus+ 1 euro per month, and mobile call establishment fees will increase by 0.10 euros. Unfortunately, Movistar has not provided a list of price increases. These rate increases were reported by Bandaancha.

Despite this price increase, the company will not offer any additional benefits to users. There will be no increases in internet connection speeds. Mobile users will also not see an increase in the number of GB available. In this way, you pay a premium for enjoying “quality,” and that’s it.

We know that your needs change over time, and we will continue working to always be the best option for you.

Remember that we are here to help you. If you need to contact us, you can do so in our stores, by calling 1004, or by visiting movistar.es, as you prefer. We will be happy to advise you on the configuration of services that best suit you.

In addition, you have the freedom to unsubscribe at any time, without penalty, from some or all of the services you have contracted, without prejudice to other commitments you may have with us.

We appreciate your trust in Movistar and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service.

Movistar plans to follow Vodafone’s footsteps: increases based on the annual CPI

Like Movistar, Vodafone also announced a price increase a few days ago. Specifically, Vodafone raised the monthly fee by no less than 4.38%, resulting in a price increase in rates of up to 3 euros per month. However, Vodafone was “smart” and protected itself with a new contract that prevents breaking permanence even if they raise the rate price.

In the case of Movistar, they have been more transparent, allowing you to leave the company without penalty after experiencing a price increase in your rate.

The article, “If you are a Movistar customer, you will start 2024 with a new price increase,” first appeared on El Chapuzas Informático.

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