Revealed Performance of Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H and 155U, Alongside Raptor Lake Refresh i9-14900HX and i5-14500HX

Revealed Performance of Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H and 155U, Alongside Raptor Lake Refresh i9-14900HX and i5-14500HX

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Filtran el rendimiento de los Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H y 155U junto con los Raptor Lake Refresh i9-14900HX y i5-14500HX

Multiple leaks have occurred just over three weeks before the official release of the Core 14 and Core Ultra processor series. Raptor Lake-Refresh and Meteor Lake are set to make a grand debut, but they are already being tested, with Geekbench once again showcasing Intel’s first impact on the laptop market across various segments. Today, we have two leaks for Meteor Lake CPUs and two for Raptor Lake-Refresh, specifically the Core Ultra 7 155H and Core Ultra 7 155U, as well as the i9-14900HX and i5-14500HX and their performance on Geekbench.

Meteor Lake CPUs will focus on offering performance similar to the current Core 13 laptop series but with incredible efficiency as their main selling point, while the Core 14 Refresh will be the spearhead for gaming in late 2023 and into 2024. But what performance do they offer?

Intel Meteor Lake: Core Ultra 7 155H, the expected performance on Geekbench

Starting with the leak for the Core Ultra 7 155H, the CPU for Intel’s mid-range 45W TDP, will have 16 cores and 22 threads in a 6+8+2 configuration, reaching 4.8 GHz. The leak comes from an ASUS Zenbook 14, which already speaks volumes about the level of efficiency these H-series processors with such core counts must have. The scores vary, as there are multiple samples, but on average, they are around 2,400 points in single-thread (ST) and 12,600 points in multi-thread (MT).

Given the type of laptop and the cooling it can accommodate, these scores are on par with better-cooled laptops, similar to the i7-13800H, which has two fewer cores if we count the LPC as functional but 400 MHz more. Technically speaking, at the same core count and lower frequency with less cooling, it achieves a score similar to the i7-13800H, which is surprising.

Core Ultra 7 155U, slightly low entry scores

As for the Core Ultra 7 155U and its performance on Geekbench, it represents the top of the 15W U-series destined for ultrabooks. The benchmark scores reveal 1,754 points in ST and 5,774 points in MT. It appears that the core configuration is 14 with a base frequency of 2.7 GHz. As there were no specific leaks on this topic, we must understand that these data are good based on the validity granted by the larger sibling’s accurate suite configuration.

The scores are quite similar to the i5-1335U with the same TDP, although they vary quite a bit depending on the device, and although this latter CPU has a range of 2,000 to 6,000 points with two fewer cores, it appears to have a faster frequency, something to confirm for the 155U in Turbo mode.

Intel Core i9-14900HX, the fastest laptop and gaming CPU, revealed in Geekbench

Few surprises here. The performance of the Intel Core i9-14900HX with 24 cores and 32 threads appears on Geekbench inside a Xiaomi laptop, revealing that it will reach 5.6 GHz, 200 MHz faster than its predecessor with the same core and thread count.

The scores, as is usually the case with this type of CPU, vary greatly depending on the laptop and its cooling as well as its cTDP. It can be said that the i9-13900HX scores on average around 2,600 points in ST and 16,000 in MT. Thus, the 2,700 points in ST and 15,586 points in MT of the i9-14900HX reveal quite similar performance, where again, we must stress the disparity in scores that can arise depending on the temperature reached and limited by this Xiaomi laptop.

Again, in a Xiaomi laptop comes the i5-14500HX

It will be the mid-range for gaming while simultaneously being the slowest CPU within the Core 14 laptop series, as there won’t be an i3. The Geekbench performance of the i5-14500HX with 14 cores and 20 threads at a slightly low initial frequency of 4.9 GHz is impressive, achieving 2,207 points in ST and 8,708 points in MT.

There is some controversy here since, while a slightly higher ST score was expected, the MT numbers lag far behind its predecessor. Specifically, it should be around 11,000 points, so it may indeed have significant thermal throttling.

As we know, all the ranges will be unveiled on December 14, along with new server processors, in an undoubtedly significant event, especially for Meteor Lake and its CPUs, many of which have been leaked.

The performance of the Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H and 155U with the Raptor Lake Refresh i9-14900HX and i5-14500HX have been leaked first on El Chapuzas Inform√°tico.

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