Samsung Galaxy S24: Leaked Specific Dates for Pre-Order and Global Launch!

Samsung Galaxy S24: Leaked Specific Dates for Pre-Order and Global Launch!

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Samsung Galaxy S24, fecha concreta filtrada para preventa y lanzamiento mundial

In the smartphone industry, purchasing the highest-end model will only keep us at the top for a few months. It’s quite common for a faster phone or a new SoC to surpass its predecessor shortly after release. For brands like Samsung or Apple, we usually expect new, faster models to be released yearly. Since the Samsung Galaxy S23 was launched in mid-February 2023, we anticipated the Galaxy S24 to be released around the same time next year, but it will arrive a few weeks earlier.

When buying a mobile phone, we must decide whether to use iOS or Android. If we want to use iOS, we are limited to using iPhone smartphones. As we all know, Apple releases new iPhone models every year in September and rarely changes the date. When it comes to Android, there are so many companies that choosing one can be quite challenging. However, when mentioning the most popular Android phone brand, Samsung is undoubtedly the first to come to mind.

These are the release dates for the Samsung Galaxy S24:

The sales schedule for the Galaxy S24 has been leaked.

The S24 series pre-sale starts on Unpacked day (January 17th).

Activation for pre-order customers takes place from January 26th to January 30th. General sales will commence from January 30th.

— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) November 20, 2023.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will arrive in early 2024, a fact that everyone has already assumed. In fact, considering the Galaxy S23 was launched on February 17, 2023, February was a potential date. However, unlike Apple, Samsung is not as precise with its annual releases, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, which was launched on January 29, 2021, and the S20 on March 6, 2020. As the Galaxy S24’s launch is approaching, the reliable leaker Revegnus has published the release dates on this platform.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-sale will begin on January 17, 2024, during the Unpacked event taking place in San Jose, California. If we choose not to reserve the phone, we will have to wait until January 30 when the Galaxy S24 will be available for purchase in regular stores.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will use titanium.

Samsung is expected to launch the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra models, as usual for the brand. These will utilize the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, which, as we have seen, will deliver overwhelming performance improvements. According to last month’s leaks, in terms of graphic performance, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is 81% faster than the S23 Ultra in Geekbench 6’s Vulkan benchmark. The upcoming Galaxy S24+’s Adreno 750 GPU is quite impressive, as it performs similarly to the GTX 1050 in this particular benchmark.

Samsung decided to increase the GPU’s frequencies, and it’s known that it will reach 1,000 MHz, being 11% higher than the factory-level. While this implies better performance, we must also consider that the temperature will increase and could potentially become a problem. Regarding the high-end Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, we saw that the South Korean company wants to use titanium in the frame and reduce optical zoom to 5x, following in Apple’s footsteps. Exclusive colors, like light green, light blue, and orange, have also been revealed.

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