Lian Li DK-07: The Ultimate Gaming Desk to Build Your PC with a 30-inch Transparent OLED Display

Lian Li DK-07: The Ultimate Gaming Desk to Build Your PC with a 30-inch Transparent OLED Display

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Lian Li DK-07: la mesa gaming para montar tu PC con pantalla OLED transparente de 30 pulgadas

Every time we think of a desktop PC, we imagine the case/tower where all the components will be housed. The use of ATX format chassis has become standardized, although there are smaller towers in Micro ATX or Mini ITX formats. However, there are other ways to have a PC without resorting to these generic and boring towers. Lian Li has unveiled its gaming table prototype called the DK-07, which allows us to mount the PC inside and features a transparent 30-inch OLED screen.

We can opt to buy a pre-assembled computer or build one from individual components. The latter option is more advisable if we want to save money and, more importantly, tailor the PC to our specific needs. Whether we want a gaming PC or one for work, we can choose the components that best fit our budget and use-cases. Another advantage of building it ourselves is customization, selecting unique components like a PC tower that we like or RGB fans.

Lian Li unveils its gaming table prototype with an OLED screen called DK-07

Most people don’t mind using a standard PC tower, but some want something more unique. Here’s where modders come in, modifying PC chassis to make them more distinctive. While modders can create custom PCs built into a desk, Lian Li offers its gaming desks for that purpose. Several years ago, they introduced the DK-05, a large, expensive, and heavy (120 kg) table that could hold a PC.

We could say that the latest available version, the DK-07, has evolved since it is smaller in size and can accommodate up to 2 E-ATX PCs with liquid cooling installed within. The most notable feature of this table is the inclusion of a transparent 30-inch OLED screen from LG, found underneath the glass.

Supports up to 2 E-ATX PCs, 2 360 mm radiators, and 6 120 mm fans

The Lian Li DK-07 is compatible with graphics cards up to 340 mm in length and 4-slot thickness, allowing for top-of-the-line GPUs like the RTX 4090. It also has four bays for 3.5-inch hard drives as well as 2.5-inch SSDs. Efficient cooling for this “PC chassis” is achieved through holes at the rear and sides where air is expelled.

The key to the Lian Li DK-07 lies in its ability to accommodate up to two 360 mm radiators, use two 280mm radiators alongside 6 120mm fans, or 5 140mm fans. As we can see, there is more than enough space for cooling any CPU and GPU. If we choose to use only one radiator, the remaining space can be filled with 120mm or 140mm fans. For now, it is a prototype, and Lian Li has not yet set a release date or price.

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