This Year, Witness at Least One New Xbox Console: Next-Gen Aims to Crush PlayStation

This Year, Witness at Least One New Xbox Console: Next-Gen Aims to Crush PlayStation

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Este año veremos al menos una nueva consola de Xbox: la Next-Gen buscará destrozar a PlayStation

Following yesterday’s wave of Xbox news, it has been revealed that the company plans to release at least one new console by the end of the year. As the Xbox Series X and Series S approach three and a half years of life, it seems that a replacement will arrive this holiday season, marking four years since their release.

Recent leaks suggest that Xbox has decided to halt the production of Xbox Series X and Series S consoles entirely. Low sales and a large stockpile of unsold consoles are the main factors behind this decision. This production halt also aligns with the re-direction of manufacturing efforts towards the launch of the new console(s). Previous leaks had hinted at the launch of new mid-generation consoles, only for reports later to emerge that Xbox had canceled these plans. However, we now know that these plans are alive and well.

An Xbox hardware (console) update is set to arrive this holiday season

Thanks to these leaks, we know that there will be an updated Xbox Series X with the codename “Brooklyn.” The Xbox Series S will also receive an update under the name “Ellewood” while a new Xbox controller will accompany the consoles. The upgraded Xbox Series X is expected to have improved storage (2 TB capacity) and connectivity (Wi-Fi 6E), a more compact design, and may lose the disc drive.

Although Xbox has only confirmed that an update is coming, they have not provided any additional details. There are rumors that a surprise portable console could be launched, as several analysts have noticed that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has “liked” tweets speculating on the arrival of a portable Xbox console.

The next generation of Microsoft consoles will deliver the greatest technical leap ever seen

Perhaps what’s most interesting is that Xbox is already boasting about their next generation of consoles. The company has stated that it’s focused on delivering the most significant technical leap ever seen in the industry. This suggests that the last home console produced by the company will be a true contender against Sony.

“We have more things coming. There are some exciting hardware announcements we’ll be sharing this holiday season. We’re also investing in the roadmap for the next generation. What we’re really focused on is delivering the biggest technical leap that has ever been seen in a generation of hardware, making it better for gamers and better for creators and the visions they’re building,” said Sarah Bond, President of Xbox, Microsoft.

Regarding the leaks, there were reports that Xbox had canceled the updated versions due to not reaching an agreement with AMD and possible discussions with Intel. On the other hand, the new generation of consoles would arrive in 2026, with rumors of a Nintendo Switch-style portable console that could slot into a Dock Station.

Of course, if we consider Xbox’s claims regarding the most significant technical leap ever seen, trying something different, such as using an NVIDIA GPU alongside an Intel CPU, seems plausible. Regardless of whether the Intel CPU is less powerful, what ultimately matters is the GPU, as any current CPU is considered more than powerful enough for today’s games. Remaining with AMD like PlayStation may make it difficult to see a clear distinction between the consoles. An example of this can be observed in the more powerful Xbox Series X compared to the PlayStation 5.

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