Microsoft Copilot Pro: The AI Assistant That Will Help You Complete Your Tasks for Just 22 Euros per Month

Microsoft Copilot Pro: The AI Assistant That Will Help You Complete Your Tasks for Just 22 Euros per Month

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Microsoft Copilot Pro: la IA que te ayudará a hacer tus trabajos por 22 euros al mes

Microsoft announced the launch of its new AI Copilot Pro, which is designed to improve the productivity of everyday consumers. This AI works directly with the entire suite of Microsoft Office applications, aiming to help users “write faster and work smarter.” In other words, the AI will handle a significant portion of the work for you.

Specifically, Copilot Pro offers text suggestions, AI-generated summaries in Word, and even assistance with Excel data analysis and chart creation for those who may not be experts. The AI can also help create PowerPoint presentations for children or relatives.

Copilot Pro will even help with responding to emails in Outlook, offering suggestions on what to reply. Essentially, the difference between using the free Copilot and the paid Copilot Pro is the integration with Office applications, allowing for complete Word document reading and summary generation. Additionally, paid users have priority access to OpenAI’s latest AI models, ensuring better final results, including GPT-4 and its Turbo version.

However, not only is Copilot Pro a paid service, but it is also designed to work with a Microsoft 365 subscription. This makes it more like a DLC add-on to the Microsoft 365 subscription, which costs 22 euros per month. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 has an annual price of 69 euros. Regular Microsoft 365 users may find it worthwhile to pay for a month of Copilot Pro for help with specific tasks.

Subscribers also gain access to create AI images with DALL-E 3, having access to 100 daily pulses for image creation. Thus, Microsoft is strongly embracing the use of AI in consumer markets, with Windows 12 further integrating AI advancements that require dedicated NPUs for hardware acceleration in the future.

Copilot Pro adds cutting-edge AI to your favorite Microsoft 365 applications, helping you unleash your creativity, communicate with confidence, and improve your digital skills.

Gain priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo even during peak hours for faster performance and productivity. Access Copilot in select Microsoft 365 applications to draft documents, summarize emails, create presentations, and more.

Create AI images with DALL-E 3 even more quickly using 100 daily pulses in Designer, previously called Bing Image Generator.

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