Apple Vision Pro Glasses Battery Life Falls Short at 3 Hours for 2D Movie Watching: Disappointment on the Horizon?

Apple Vision Pro Glasses Battery Life Falls Short at 3 Hours for 2D Movie Watching: Disappointment on the Horizon?

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La batería de las gafas Apple Vision Pro no llegará a las 3 horas viendo películas 2D, ¿decepción a la vista?

With current mixed reality glasses, we can fully immerse ourselves in games by combining virtual reality with augmented reality, allowing us to play while seeing the room or space we are in. This makes it possible for us to watch movies, series, or any type of multimedia content, as if it were a massive screen right in front of us. The Apple Vision Pro glasses are intended to further enhance this immersive multimedia experience. However, it has now been revealed that the battery of the Apple Vision Pro glasses will be a disappointment, as it only lasts for 2.5 hours if we want to watch 2D movies.

When the Oculus Rift was launched more than a decade ago, we could say that the era of VR glasses for the consumer and PC market began. While virtual reality glasses had existed for decades, we had only seen them as accessories/peripherals on some consoles and devices or being used in a professional environment. With the Rift, we had glasses specifically designed for PC users in mind. From there, we’ve seen dozens of new models and even consoles like PlayStation 4 and 5 have received their own.

The Apple Vision Pro glasses’ battery will not allow us to watch 3-hour movies, it will run out beforehand

With the first-generation Vision Pro, you’ll need to be sitting next to a power outlet to watch 3-hour movies like Avatar 2, Oppenheimer, and Titanic.

– Joe Rossignol (@rsgnl) January 14, 2024

While VR glasses continue to be used, those who want more than just gaming immersion seek a mixed reality experience. This is where glasses like the Meta Quest 3 come into play, as we can, for example, be at home relaxing and watch a movie on a virtual screen as part of an augmented reality experience. Those who have purchased these Meta glasses are quite happy with the results and, for the price, they more than meet expectations.

However, we know that Apple’s glasses are just around the corner, and as always, the Cupertino company promises to revolutionize the sector. Paying $3,499 for Vision Pro glasses with 256GB of storage won’t be an easy decision for many, and now that we know the battery life, even more people may reconsider their purchase. It turns out, according to X, the first-generation Vision Pro won’t last through long movies like Avatar 2, Oppenheimer, and Titanic. The reason for this is that the battery life while watching 2D movies (which most people watch rather than 3D) is only 2.5 hours, so we’ll have to charge them or use a power bank.

It may be possible to charge them using a USB-C power bank in the future

The Vision Pro glasses can be pre-ordered on January 19, with their official release on February 2. As such, all the missing information about these glasses is being revealed. We’ve seen the rest of the features over time, such as the recent leak that they’ll use an M2 chip with 10 GPU cores, making them equivalent to a MacBook Air.

Recently, it was also revealed that Apple will require Face ID to purchase these glasses from their online store, as they need to perform a scan to find the optimal size for our head. Now, regarding the Apple Vision Pro’s battery, it is unknown if it can be extended with a larger-capacity battery or if we can use a USB-C power bank. Knowing Apple, they will likely release optional accessories in the form of batteries or adapters for their customers.

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