Microsoft Slashes Xbox Series X Price to Just €419; Series S at €229: Irresistible Deals Await!

Microsoft Slashes Xbox Series X Price to Just €419; Series S at €229: Irresistible Deals Await!

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Microsoft rebaja el precio de su Xbox Series X a solo 419 euros; Series S por 229 euros

Due to Black Friday, Microsoft has unexpectedly and significantly reduced the price of its flagship console, the Xbox Series X. If you don’t have the money for a PC or the previous price of €549.99 for the Xbox Series X was too high, you should know that the company has now slashed the price by 24%, making it available for a modest €419. It’s worth noting that before the price increase, the official price was €499.

For just €419, you can now purchase the most powerful console on the market. This console is more potent than any GPU available at this price point. Additionally, it comes with everything you need to connect it to a monitor or TV and start playing, unlike a PC, which requires you to spend extra money on the rest of the necessary components.

For an even more affordable option, the Xbox Series S has witnessed a price drop from €299.99 to €229. However, this discounted price applies to the original white model with a 512 GB SSD. The new black model with a 1 TB SSD has not received any discount.

The Xbox Series X boasts an AMD Ryzen CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads using AMD Zen 2 architecture, capable of reaching a maximum frequency of 3.80 GHz. It’s accompanied by an AMD Radeon GPU with 3,328 RDNA 2 cores running at 1,825 MHz, delivering 12.15 TFLOPs of performance. This APU is manufactured by TSMC using 7 nm technology.

The APU is paired with 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, with 10 GB reaching speeds of 560 GB/s and the remaining 6 GB at 336 GB/s. It includes a 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for storage, capable of reaching speeds of up to 4,800 MB/s. The console also features a built-in Blu-ray drive.

As for the Xbox Series S, priced at just €229, it offers the same CPU as its more powerful sibling, though it has a slightly lower maximum frequency of 3.60 GHz. The principal difference is in the GPU and memory. Although it packs an AMD Radeon GPU with RDNA 2 architecture, it only has 1,280 Stream Processors at 1,565 MHz, resulting in an FP32 performance of 4 TFLOPs.

The Xbox Series S’s greatest limitation is its 10 GB of GDDR6 memory – 8 GB reaching 224 GB/s and the remaining 2 GB achieving 56 GB/s. The SSD capacity is half that of the Series X but maintains the same speed. The Series S also omits the 4K Blu-ray drive, which helps reduce the cost.

So if you’re looking for a PC or console for gaming on a budget, this is the best option, especially when combined with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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