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Mobile has become smarter. 2017 Smartphones, what new features do they have?

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Mobile phones have changed. Drastically.

From the first hand-held Motorola brick to smartphones that can be opened with a fingerprint. 2017 is ushering a wave of innovation. Let’s see what is in store.

More fingerprint sensor on devices. Now most android devices are carrying sensors on the back that lets you unlock your device. You probably won’t see a sensor on devices in the $180 and below range.

USB Type-C inputs and cables pretty much will be the new charging port. In Mobile World Congress the vast majority of devices were equipped with USB Type-C; these phones also has support for fast-charging. But nothing yet has come to Meizu’s super mCharge‘s charging power.

What remains a majority standard seems to be the headphone jack. Pretty much every phone has a jack with exception to HTC’s U Ultra and HTC U Play, which now sport a USB-C port. And don’t forget Apple’s iPhone that relies on Lightning port.

Expandable storage seems like it’ll remain as well, at least for the Android phones. Apple seems to think people aren’t allowed to mod their devices. Most devices like the LG G6, the Moto G5 Plus and HTC models (to name a few) have ability to pop in an expandable storage card. The Moto phone can reach its limit with a 128 GB and the LG G6 can handle a 2 terabyte.

Also, phones are coming equipped with little helpers. AI helpers. Google announced during MWC 2017 that its Google Assistant app, will soon arrive on most new phones, and will be available to Android 6 and 7 software.

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