meizu supercharge mcharge

Where no Battery has gone before, Meizu Super mCharge

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meizu supercharge mcharge

Yesterday Meizu demonstrated at the MWC that a mobile phone can be charged in 20 minutes. This little tech device may be the beginning of something great.

The tech is simple (not really), but let’s try to boil it down for you.

Meizu is using a charge pump, a type of DC to DC converter that uses an external circuit to control the connection of capacitors to the input voltage. By disconnecting the capacitor from the source via a switch and reconfiguring the circuit with additional switches, the charge pump’s output voltage can be raised or lowered relative to the input.

Pretty simple, right. Also what’s included is temp regulator, which means the device won’t spontaneously blow because temperature will not go higher than 100 °F (38°C)

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