Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video in Spain: Who Leads the Audience Race as User Data is Unveiled?

Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video in Spain: Who Leads the Audience Race as User Data is Unveiled?

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Netflix vs YouTube vs Amazon Prime Video en España, ¿quién tiene más audiencia tras revelarse los datos de usuarios?

As of today, there is so much content on the internet that it is impossible to keep up with everything. On platforms like YouTube, we have millions of videos to watch and new ones are constantly being uploaded. On other platforms like Netflix, we have a plethora of series and movies, although if we only like specific genres, we might quickly go through the catalog. This does not seem to matter too much, as according to Kantar Media, Netflix has managed to become the leading audience platform in Spain, even surpassing YouTube.

Most people, especially among younger generations, have completely abandoned public TV, filled with ads and repetitive content, in favor of internet-based content. Here, we can watch various channels with different programming as if it were regular television, visit websites like YouTube to watch videos, or end up on streaming platforms. Within this last group, Netflix currently has the highest number of subscribers, followed by Amazon Prime Video and others like Disney+.

In Spain, 16.2% of the audience watches content online, compared to 83.8% who prefer TV.

Netflix is considered the most popular platform globally, thanks to its over 240 million subscribers. Although Netflix experienced a subscriber drop in 2022, leading to a decline in stock value, subsequent decisions helped it to bounce back. One of these changes was to implement a subscription model that includes advertising for a lower cost. Since then, we’ve seen several price increases for basic and premium subscription plans, making the ad-supported model an increasingly popular choice.

In fact, Netflix announced that its ad-supported subscription had more than 23 million monthly users. As for Netflix’s ongoing success, according to the Kantar Media report, it is the leading platform in Spain within the category of online viewing. Here, we can see that Netflix takes 5.1% of the total 16.2%, with YouTube trailing at 4.2% and Prime Video in third place with 2.5%.

In 2023, 0.6% of the Spanish audience watches HBO Max.

Disney+ does not seem to have much popularity in Spain, as although it has many subscribers globally, it represents only 1.3% of the audience in Spain. Surprisingly, HBO Max is even further behind, as despite usually offering good series in their catalog, it represents only 0.6% of the audience. Comparing the 16.2% of videos and content viewed online to the 83.8% represented by television, we can see that the latter is still much more popular in Spain.

In fact, public TV accounts for 77.8% of the total audience in 2023, and pay-TV channels take a 6% share. In this light, even pay-TV surpasses Netflix, but the figures are still very close. Considering that TV has existed for decades and streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime Video are much more recent, we can understand why they are lagging behind. Moreover, a large portion of the older population does not want to engage with more modern offerings or may not even have a Smart TV.

This information comes from a report titled “Netflix vs YouTube vs Amazon Prime Video in Spain: who has more audience after revealing user data?” first appearing on El Chapuzas Informático.

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