Today's Favorite Gaming OS Returns: Get Windows 10 LTSC for just €9.47 on CDKeyoffer

Today’s Favorite Gaming OS Returns: Get Windows 10 LTSC for just €9.47 on CDKeyoffer

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Hoy vuelve el OS favorito de los gamers: Windows 10 LTSC por 9,47 euros en CDKeyoffer

We’re back with the most demanded licenses from CDKeyoffer, featuring Windows 10 LTSC licenses. You can also find Windows 10 Home for as low as 9 euros, which is the version that 99.99% of users should use, but Windows 10 Pro remains more popular for unknown reasons. Remember that a Windows 10 license also works for its Windows 11 counterpart.

Due to the current inflation and euro/dollar exchange rates, prices may vary by a few cents. Remember that Windows 10 licenses can also be used for Windows 11.

Here are the available offers for Windows 10/11 and Office on CDKeyoffer:

Discount code: ELC48

Windows 10 Pro for 10.39 euros

Windows 10 Home for 9.33 euros

Windows 10 LTSC for 9.47 euros

2x Windows 10 Pro licenses for 18.97 euros (9.48 euros each).

Windows 11 Pro for 14.22 euros

Windows 11 Home for 13.36 euros

Microsoft Office 2021 for 34.41 euros

Microsoft Office 2019 for 29.17 euros

Microsoft Office 2016 for 18.04 euros

Windows 10 Pro + Office 2016 for 25.21 euros

Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 for 37.25 euros

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise CD Key Global for 62.39 euros

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard 16 Core CD Key Global for 103.99 euros

Office 365 Account Global 1 Device for 12.8 euros

It’s not worth risking piracy and potential vulnerabilities through activation methods. Not to mention that it helps maintain the website. Remember that Windows 10 keys can be used to activate the same version in Windows 11. Basically, with the prices listed above, there’s no reason to expose your computer to issues.

Please note that these are OEM licenses, fully legal and backed by Microsoft. They even allow for multiple uses on the same device in case the system gets updated in the future. However, avoid using the same key with multiple devices at the same time or swapping the key frequently over a short period. With CDKeyoffer’s excellent work, you can be sure that the activation process for Windows or Office keys will be hassle-free.

If you encounter any issues, you can send us an email (via Contact) for assistance. Before doing that, you can contact the store’s chat support. By purchasing a license, you help maintain this website.

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