NVIDIA Releases Drivers for LEGO Fortnite and Other Exciting New Fortnite Experiences

NVIDIA Releases Drivers for LEGO Fortnite and Other Exciting New Fortnite Experiences

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NVIDIA ya tiene los drivers de LEGO Fortnite y el resto de nuevas experiencias Fortnite

NVIDIA has announced the release of GPU drivers necessary for any LEGO Fortnite or Fortnite Season 5 player to install. Yes, if you didn’t know, Fortnite is no longer just a shooter, but now includes numerous new gaming experiences recreated with Unreal Engine 5.

One of them is LEGO Fortnite survival, even featuring an integrated Rocket League focused on being a racing game. Moreover, there is also a music game. This NVIDIA GPU driver update addresses the issues reported by users, such as performance problems and particularly those related to DLSS technology. Thus, these GeForce drivers arrive to tackle the issues of LEGO Fortnite and the rest of Fortnite experiences.

LEGO Fortnite has between 2 and 3 million simultaneous players daily, highlighting the importance of providing optimized drivers. Additionally, you can now enjoy the experience with NVIDIA DLSS 2 technology, alongside NVIDIA Reflex technology. These technologies will be integrated into the three new gaming experiences set in the Fortnite world.

Besides LEGO Fortnite, these new NVIDIA GPU drivers incorporate other improvements

The Fortnite Unreal Engine 5 update has brought new and stunning visual effects to the world’s most popular Battle Royale. On GeForce RTX PCs and laptops, Fortnite players can increase performance using DLSS 2, the game is even more responsive thanks to NVIDIA Reflex, and Ray Tracing performance is significantly accelerated using the dedicated RT cores on each GeForce RTX GPU.

These drivers also add improvements to the free shooter THE FINALS. Specifically, after installing the drivers, you can use NVIDIA DLSS 3, DLAA, Reflex, and Ray Tracing technologies. Thanks to DLSS 3, at 4K resolution, you can almost double the game’s performance. This will allow you to play at 4K at 120 FPS with a GeForce RTX 4070. With a GeForce RTX 4090, you can almost take advantage of a 240 Hz monitor.

Additionally, the following titles now allow optimal graphical settings to be activated through GeForce Experience. Interestingly, The Day Before is included, a title that has already been removed from sale and is officially dead.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

The Day Before



Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

You can download the LEGO Fortnite drivers, the GeForce 546.33 WHQL Game Ready, for your NVIDIA GPU from the official NVIDIA website. These drivers also include hotfixes related to washed-out colors in Discord.

The first entry for NVIDIA’s LEGO Fortnite drivers and other new Fortnite experiences appears on El Chapuzas Inform√°tico.

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