Today: Get Windows 10 LTSC for Maximum Performance at Just €9.73 on CDKDeals!

Today: Get Windows 10 LTSC for Maximum Performance at Just €9.73 on CDKDeals!

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Hoy vuelve la oferta de Windows 10 LTSC para el máximo rendimiento por 9,73€ en CDKDeals

We are back with all the available offers on CDKDeals to upgrade your operating system, with Windows 11 or Windows 10 Home or Pro licenses, or the Office 2019 suite at the best price in a legitimate and original way, saving money compared to their original store prices. Don’t forget, if you have Windows 11, you can activate it with a Windows 10 license, wink wink.

46% discount code: E46 (Windows 10 license can be used to activate Windows 11)

Windows 10/11 Pro for 10.9 euros (recommended for professional use, hence the “Pro” XD)

Windows 10/11 Pro x 2 licenses for 21.41 euros (10.7€ per license)

Windows 10/11 Home for 8.93 euros (recommended for any user, can be used in Windows 11)

Windows 10 LTSC for 9.73 euros (recommended for gamers seeking the highest possible extra FPS)

Windows 11 Pro for 15.07 euros

Windows 11 Home for 14.07 euros

Microsoft Office 2021 for 36.41 euros

Microsoft Office 2019 for 31.91 euros

Microsoft Office 2016 for 18.66 euros

Windows 10/11 Pro + Office 2019 for 40.84 euros

Windows 10/11 Pro + Office 2016 for 28.04 euros

You already know it’s not worth having pirated and vulnerable software due to potential security risks from activation methods. Not to mention that it helps support this site. Keep in mind the Windows 10 license can be used to activate the same version in Windows 11. Given the prices you’ve seen above, it makes no sense to leave your computer exposed to issues.

Although these are OEM licenses, they are entirely legal and backed by Microsoft themselves. They even allow for use more than once on the same equipment in case you upgrade your system in the future (but don’t abuse exchanging it in a short period or using it on another device simultaneously). In addition to low prices on Windows 10 and Office licenses, we trust CDKdeals is doing a fantastic job, assuring us the keys are unique, and we won’t have activation issues.

Remember, if you have any incidents, you can contact the company (live chat) or send us an email (through Contact) if you have trouble resolving the issue. Be sure to check your Spam folder before contacting us about any incidents.

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