Only Four Xbox Games Set to Launch on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch for Now

Only Four Xbox Games Set to Launch on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch for Now

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Por ahora, únicamente 4 juegos de Xbox llegarán a PlayStation 5 y Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer has cleared up all the rumors surrounding the future of Xbox, revealing that four exclusive games will ultimately make their way to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Although Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, did not want to mention which games they are, he indicated that the studios behind these games will officially announce them shortly. At least we know that there are two community-driven games along with two smaller titles.

“We’ve made the decision to bring four games to other consoles,” said Phil Spencer. “I’m not going to name these games. The teams building them have announced plans that aren’t far off, so I don’t want to steal their thunder. That’s why I’m not specifically mentioning which these four titles are.”

Rumors suggest that the first two titles to debut will be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment. These will be followed by the heavyweights Sea of Thieves and Grounded. The company will continue to offer exclusive titles on Xbox (and PC), but at the same time, there are games that are more appealing on other platforms.

“We’re making these decisions for specific reasons. We’re actually making each decision with the long-term health of Xbox in mind, which means a growing platform, games that function, building the best platform for creators and reaching as many players as possible,” he added.

“I firmly believe that in the next five or ten years, exclusive games or games exclusive to a piece of hardware will be an increasingly smaller part of the video game industry.”

Although it has not been confirmed that these are indeed the four games in question, at least we know which games will not be coming to PlayStation 5. Both Starfield and Indiana Jones will be exclusive to Xbox, but Spencer did not rule out the possibility of these titles coming to PlayStation 5 in the future.

He further explained that letting go of exclusivities is a way to ensure the long-term success of Xbox. Microsoft’s gaming business has just grown more than the Windows division, thanks in part to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. However, the overall Xbox business still needs to grow, as Xbox Series X and Series S console sales lag behind PlayStation 5, and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions are slowing down.

By offering these titles to more players, Xbox can not only expand the reach and impact of these games but also invest in future versions or other aspects of their own game portfolio. This is essentially the same strategy PlayStation is currently employing. Xbox games are available on consoles and PCs, so the reach can only extend to PlayStation and Nintendo, while PlayStation is releasing its exclusives on PC.

He also confirmed that Activision Blizzard titles would come to Game Pass, with Diablo IV being the first to debut.

For now, only 4 Xbox games will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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