The Day Before: A Mysterious Resurrection to Continue Swindling

The Day Before: A Mysterious Resurrection to Continue Swindling

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The Day Before: un desconocido lo trae de entre los muertos para seguir estafando

Alarms went off tonight as the game The Day Before has returned from the dead and is now listed on Steam to commit a new scam. Interestingly, the game still shows that it was developed by FNTASTIC, while its publisher is Mytona Fntastic. In other words, at first glance everything seems the same, which is quite curious considering FNTASTIC declared bankruptcy, supposedly “disappeared,” and had shut down the game’s servers.

However, things get interesting when we enter the updates section of The Day Before’s Steam page. It almost seems like a distasteful joke, as they claim “Carrot The Cat” is the codename for the game’s return. Of course, as more investigation is done, the reason for this becomes clear.

They promise a more polished and lighter game

According to the updates, the core of the game has changed. While we don’t know who is behind it, they claim to have partnered with an unnamed studio for legal reasons to move forward with The Day Before. There is no new content shown, only the famous trailer of a Lamborghini driving through the abandoned city and not much more. At least they mention a cleanup of unused assets, resulting in the game’s size being reduced from 55 GB to 13 GB.

Carrot The Cat is the official codename for the return of TDB

Below, we will explain why not only the entire page and game ID have been changed but also the core of the game as a whole.

“We are collaborating with a studio whose name we will not reveal for legal reasons, but we can assure you that everything is under control.”

The game files will be updated shortly, with a significant compression from 55 GB to 13 GB.

The Day Before is for sale, and yes, it is a scam

If you download it, you will get a mobile CAT GAME LOL

— PC_Focus (@PC_Focus_) February 15, 2024

What’s most relevant is that the game can be purchased for €5.89. We’re talking about cloning the original listing that launched The Day Before. As expected, the reviews are “Very Negative.” The reason being that you are purchasing a game called “Carrot The Cat” instead of The Day Before—a rather cheap-looking game, as seen above.

This situation only highlights that both Valve and Steam are incapable of stopping scams like this. Someone has changed the game’s name, description, and even the developer. It shows that Steam allows anyone to potentially scam players by cloning other games’ listings on their platform. While they did the right thing with The Day Before, forcibly removing the game from players’ libraries, it’s unclear why they don’t have any method to prevent cloning of other games’ listings. At the very least, there should be a method to verify any changes made within their store.

After completing the article, Steam has removed this “game” from their store. However, it was available for a couple of hours, and several people had already purchased the game.

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