PlayStation 5: Ultra-Compact Tablet Edition with 4K OLED Screen – Experience PS5 Like Never Before!

PlayStation 5: Ultra-Compact Tablet Edition with 4K OLED Screen – Experience PS5 Like Never Before!

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PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition, el mod de PS5 con pantalla OLED 4K y que reduce su tamaño al máximo

With the latest generation of consoles, we have seen how their size has increased and they increasingly resemble a PC. The Xbox has a design quite similar to PC towers, like the NZXT H1, and both it and the PS5 have hardware resembling that of computers, as they use AMD APUs. Now we can see that even the PlayStation 5 Slim is huge compared to the PS5: Tablet Edition – a mod that has been made by adding a screen and shrinking its size to the minimum.

The PlayStation 5, in particular, has a massive size, at least the original version, making it the largest console ever released. Fortunately, a few months ago, Sony released the PS5 Slim, which reduced its volume by 30%. Although there is a noticeable difference when comparing the two, for many people, it’s still a very large console, and some are willing to change its appearance and design to something more suitable.

DIY Perks creates another PS5 mod, this time turning it into a tablet

DIY Perks is a YouTuber known for creating mods of all kinds, and occasionally, we find mods for the PlayStation 5 in his videos. He was the same creator of the water-cooled PlayStation 5, which was much smaller and thinner, measuring just 2 cm in thickness. Back then, we saw this modified version of a PS5 Slim displaying much lower temperatures thanks to liquid cooling. Although the size was impressive, it required an external screen and liquid cooling, making it not too portable.

Now DIY Perks is ready to create a more optimal version in that aspect, called the PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition. This design essentially features a PlayStation 5 with an integrated screen and an overall more compact size than the Slim. However, although it has the “tablet” format, it is too large for that purpose, and there is no touchscreen for the PS5 either.

The PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition uses a 4K OLED screen offering great image quality

To carry out this project, the original console must be completely disassembled, and the PCB is required, as it contains all of the hardware and components. Since the original heat sinks are too large for this project, an alternative had to be found. The creator has used an entirely copper heat sink with a reduced thickness but increased width. On its own, this heat sink cannot do too much passively, so a total of 6 copper heat pipes were used alongside a base for cooling the PS5 chip.

Although the cooling system is quite impressive, it initially failed in testing, as the copper base cooling the chip reached over 65 degrees, even in open air. This led to a change in the cooling system, as the creator decided to optimize it by separating the heat pipes more and using much larger fans. These are high-performance laptop fans, and three of them are enough to significantly change temperatures.

The block now registers a temperature of 42 degrees, which is more than sufficient. After this, the creator placed a black-and-white casing with holes for the fans to improve cooling. Finally, a 4K OLED screen from an Alienware laptop was added, offering better colors and minimal latency. The power supply (external) used for this console is a well-known SFF device, the HDPLEX 250W GaN. Ultimately, the modified console is showcased running games and is impressively quiet.

The entry about PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition, the PS5 mod with a 4K OLED screen that minimizes its size, can be found on El Chapuzas Informático.

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