RTX 4070 SUPER Sales in Germany: Disastrous, Successful, or Just Right? First Week Insights

RTX 4070 SUPER Sales in Germany: Disastrous, Successful, or Just Right? First Week Insights

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Esto es lo que ha vendido la RTX 4070 SUPER en Alemania en su primera semana, ¿desastre, acierto o éxito?

The first day of the RTX 4070 SUPER in the United States was deemed virtually a disaster. We already saw how stores, retailers, and even resellers turned their backs on the model, including the Founder Edition. However, after almost 7 days on sale and having just closed week 3 of 2024 yesterday, the guys at MindFactory have released sales data for this RTX 4070 SUPER in Germany. How did it fare?

The reality is the RTX 4070 SUPER has significantly increased the performance/price/wattage ratio and has become a GPU that can be considered worthwhile. This is despite AMD lowering the price of the RX 7800 XT, putting both graphics cards head to head, with the first one being a newcomer and the second being experienced. Which one is more convincing to Germans?

NVIDIA RTX 4070 SUPER, sales at MindFactory (Germany)

As it often happens, Germany’s largest wholesaler provides specific data on the number of graphics cards units sold. Moreover, they reveal a key piece of information that we’ll discuss at the end, as it is particularly representative.

Upon the debut of the RTX 4070 SUPER, MindFactory managed to ship 290 graphics cards of this model, which is a relatively poor performance considering the population of over 80 million people in Germany. However, putting it in perspective, the numbers are bad, but it has been the third best-selling graphics card. This demonstrates the decline and frustration of gamers with one of NVIDIA’s best performance/price/consumption GPUs.

Who took the crown? Unfortunately for NVIDIA, its greatest rival, the RX 7800 XT, after having its price reduced, achieved truly impressive numbers, doubling the sales of the RTX 4070 SUPER at MindFactory with 710 units. But then, who is right in the middle of the podium? The RTX 4060 Ti, with 460 units sold.

AMD continues to dominate NVIDIA, Intel begins to take off

It’s not a major issue for NVIDIA, but the reality is that AMD is achieving such a sales volume that it’s overshadowing NVIDIA’s profitability. Regardless of which model sells more or less, let’s look at the general data.

AMD sold 1,950 units with an average price of 528 euros, accounting for 57.95% of the total. NVIDIA sold 1,365 units with an average price of 686 euros, accounting for 40.56%, while Intel managed to sell 50 units with an ASP of 181 euros, representing 1.49% of the market in Germany.

Now for the income, considering these numbers. AMD earned 1,028,661 euros compared to NVIDIA’s 935,795 euros and Intel’s 9,043 euros. In percentage terms, AMD captured 52.12% of the revenue, compared to 47.42% for NVIDIA and 0.46% for Intel.

With that said, in terms of the RTX 4070 SUPER and its sales at MindFactory, the numbers seem slightly better. However, it is argued that a few dozen units were not counted because they were left off the list, presumably by the time the counting was done. As a result, those 290 units are probably closer to 350 than anything else, slightly improving the statistics in their favor, but still leaving them in the same position given the gap with its younger sibling.

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