Samsung Gear S smartwatch

Samsung Gear S is looking hot during New York Fashion Week

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Samsung’s Gear S smarthwatch seems to be trying to hide that big centerpiece of a display with its newly, colorful and stylish? bands. While yes it may seem rocked-out – which is what Samsung actually wanted (see below quote)…

[quote]”Elements of the SS 15 collection, inspired by highly stylized New Wave rock stars and tough rockabilly heroines, have been used to give a sharp attitude to the device, characterized by signature leather and metal details.”[/quote]

…but is it what the consumer wants? It might fly during fashion week, but for the regular Joe that wants a cool wearable device on their wrist the Samsung Gear S bulky look may not be their cup of tea.

Diesel, the premium clothing line, has its own Samsung Gear S line, which is the image you see above and is Samsung explanation for its rocked out look. And…that’s pretty much it, nothing else to report about the smartwatch. No price as of yet. Just looks…


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