is samsung gear s display to big

Samsung’s Gear S Smartwatch to Big?

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Well it seems that not all smartwatches that will be unveiling at the IFA show next week will make a big splash. Samsung’s Gear S might have some trouble due to its sizeable display – guess big isn’t better all the time.

The Gear S is a standalone device, it doesn’t need a smartphone, it’s equipped with a 3G SIM card and network connection. Powered with a dual-core 1GHz processor, and its display it’s a nice 2-inch Super AMOLED on your wrist.

Samsung’s Gear S predecessors Gear Live 1.63 inch and its LG rival, the G Watch R sports a 1.3 inch screen.

Samsung has done well in the past with large displays except those accolades were for handheld smartphones, I don’t think big is something that people will want on their wrist.

There is no price on the Samsung Gear S as of yet. But hopefully the guys and girls at Samsung will rethink their burly position before they place it on the market next month.

The Gear S isn’t using Android software but its based on the Tizen OS. This might also make consumers weary about Samsung smartwatches.

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