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Is Apple Working on a Larger Display for the iPad?

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Apple is on track for a bigger version of its iPad tablet.

Reported by Bloomberg, the new iPad will flaunt a 12.9 inch screen – just a bit smaller than the biggest MacBook Air. This dimension jump will be huge! Today’s iPad has a 9.7 inch display, iPad Mini a 7.5 inch.

Months prior to Bloomberg’s report, there have been rumors from the California electronic giant supply chain hinting that Apple is working on a bigger version and might just be called iPad Pro.

The new iPad is expected to hit market the first quarter of 2015.

This dramatic display growth could be indicative to Apple tablets sales; iPad sales have been declining. Tablet sales were down 9% on a year-over-year basis. Can this change stimulate business for Apple’s tablet wing in California? Time will tell.

Apple seems to be rethinking their display size on most of their devices. iPhone 6 will be coming out with a larger display size this September. Apple’s possible direction in enhancing their tablet display is to give consumers a more productive alternative tool to the normal laptop.

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