Solving the Biggest Issue with the Apple Mouse: A New Case and USB-C Charging Solution

Solving the Biggest Issue with the Apple Mouse: A New Case and USB-C Charging Solution

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Logran solucionar el mayor problema el Apple Mouse con una carcasa y carga por USB-C

Apple is well-known for creating the iPhone, iMac, iPad, MacBook, and many other devices that have made their mark in the market. The company has also developed various peripherals, although opinions on their success vary. For example, the Apple Mouse has faced harsh criticism for its poor ergonomics and design. To address these issues, a case for the Apple Mouse has been developed that not only improves ergonomics and charging port placement but is also compatible with USB-C.

Apple designs both well-loved products and others that do not enjoy the same recognition. Specifically, peripherals like Apple’s keyboard and mouse are adored by some while disliked by others. As with any brand, there are always fans, but it’s undeniable that Apple has neglected certain aspects in these two particular examples. Both the mouse and keyboard have a low profile, and while the keyboard can be compared to others of its type, the mouse is in a different category.

Hardware “hacker” Ivan Kuleshov has showcased a modification that addresses the Apple Mouse’s ergonomic issues by designing a case that makes it more like a conventional mouse. This new case increases the height and width of the mouse, while still utilizing the same base and sensor from the original Apple Mouse.

Kuleshov has also added a USB-C charging port at the rear of the device, allowing it to be charged while in use, which was not possible before. Describing it as “the world’s first ergonomic Magic Mouse with no weaknesses,” Kuleshov’s mod has gained considerable recognition online. The modified Apple Mouse does not turn off during the charging process and maintains full functionality, including the rear touch sensors.

A black version as well as one with functional RGB lighting have also been demonstrated. If you’re interested in learning the full process behind this modification, you can read Kuleshov’s article on Uptime Lab. Lastly, the project files will be uploaded to GitHub.

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